How to make ISK in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx

make ISK in EVE Online

How to make ISK in EVE Online? One of the ways to earn in high sec is through combat exploration, or “ded hunting.” It is basically that you go around in high sec and you look for these so-called ded sites. There are different ways you can get dead sites. One is if you get an escalation, so if you see these anomalies here, there are certain types that can get escalations when you can complete them, so a hideaway, a refuge, and a den can get an escalation to a so-called ded site. Now what’s so special about these ded sites?

The thing is the ded size is like a special type of combat sight.

It is like one of these anomalies but you can’t see it on the probe scanner and they often have some form of boss or some kind of loot that gives very good or potentially very good loot. You can get some very good loot because you can get some fraction drops like a multi-spectrum shield hardener python c-type multi-spectrum shield heart. Now this is one of the best you can get from these four out of ten. They’re called the decision is like there’s three out of ten. There’s five out of tens. They’re different forms of ded sites. They can be got by getting escalations from these anomalies in high sec and they have the potential to get very good loot because you can get these faction drops like c-type multi-spectrum shield heart.

You can also get dd sites by scanning down cosmic signatures like you know with using the core probe scanners. You can use them to then scan them down if you see any cosmic signatures here. There aren’t any here right now. You can also find dc sites that way. The thing is you get the most amount of the reason why the like drops you get from these ded sites are very expensive. It’s not because the ded sites are particularly hard. Usually most people can easily run these ded sites. The thing is is they’re not too easy to come by. You don’t always get escalation when you do these anomalies right here.

In fact, they’re quite rare, and it’s quite difficult to find them in a cosmic signature as well.

It’s not particularly easy to fight them, sometimes you can be lucky, but it’s not always super easy to just come by them like that. Also, the drops that you can get from these ded sites can sometimes be quite crap as well, like they can sometimes be good, like this faction module over here, but they can also sometimes just drop nothing or hardly anything.

So it’s very rng dependent and it’s not my favorite way to make isk in EVE Online, but it is like a very adrenaline rushing activity when you actually get the good drops. It’s like really a good feeling right there, so that’s also a thing that I really like about this activity. Another thing is just if you’ve got a very low barrier of entry, so as I said before, the most difficulty is just to get these DD sites themselves are not really particularly hard to run. These anomalies are very easy to run. Alphas can easily do them without any issue.

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