How to make Path of Exile run better?

by Dealon Brounx
make Path of Exile run better

How to make Path of Exile run better? Make sure that your game mode is turned off, that your Xbox game bar is turned off. Also, that all background recording and recorded audio are turned off. Another thing you can do is, if you have the new version of Windows or Windows 10 version 2008, click on the graphics settings option. You have a new feature called hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. You must first make sure that you have the new version of Windows. 

So you need the latest version of your driver with Nvidia.

If you have an AMD car, they haven’t released the driver yet, but they will probably release it really soon, so you will probably have the same option though with AMD. So that’s about it. Let’s start the game. So now for the graphic parameters. First of all, make sure you’re playing in full screen. This is really important because you will lose FPS.

If you’re using window mode or window full screen, the resolution really depends on your monitor, but after my guide, if you’re still struggling with your FPS, for sure you will need to lower your resolution renderer. You have two different APIs that you can use: DirectX 11 and Vulcan. Honestly, just to use your test, sometimes it’s better if all kinds of better on AMD cars, so it really depends on me. I’m getting more FPS normally than Vulcan, but when I see a lot of different action and a lot of stuff is going on on my monitor, Vulcan normally is bad.

All of those shadow characteristics.

Turn them off over there, and you’ll save 12% on your FPS lighting. Make sure that you’re playing at shadow default after that bloom normal incursion effect. Also, make sure this one is disabled, please. Make sure this one is at least another 3% over there. The texture quality really depends on your VRAM on your card. If you have two gigabytes or more, just go with I If you go back to the lesson, it’s pretty much the same thing with the anisotropic filtering.

Make sure that the target frame rate is at 60 because 30 is a bit low.

It’s that default of the game and honestly, playing this game at 30 is pretty annoying. You have the dynamic resolution. It will change your resolution again to make sure that you’re eating your target over there. If you don’t like those kinds of effects, just disable both. I don’t use it. I just put all the graphics in the parameter that I want to use and I don’t use dynamic, but it can’t help you a lot if you’re dropping under 60. One last thing, engine multi-threading. Make sure this one is enabled. It’s really important. You don’t want to just use one core on your CPU. You want to use multi-threading.

It is also really important to be at enable. Another thing is the channel count. It can help a bit if you have a low-hand processor, go with low, like a radio laptop or computer. For the rest of the people, go with medium. I will show you a couple of tweaks that we can do in the config file for the sound. It will help you again for your fps.

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