How to Make Tooki Tooki Soup in Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
tooki tooki soup

Tooki Tooki soup is the fifth cooking recipe that can be found on the Rohendel continent. It is also known by its Rohendel-specific name. You must first go to the Breezesome in order to gain access to it. Start from the middle of the map, which is where the Fairy Village is located. Then head to the top right and continue until you reach the uppercase lettering near where it says Windy Hill.

How to collect Captured Tooki’s Tears in Lost Ark

A massive tree can be found right here, close to the side of the mountain. You will need to wait here for two minutes in order for it to appear, at which point a Tooki Tooki enimy will be highlighted with the shield. When he is vanquished, there is a sporadic chance that he will leave behind an epic item known as the Captured Tooki’s Tears.

Repair the Seal Site Quest

The next thing you need to do is wrap up the continent’s mane questline. Simply open the reputation status by clicking on the tasks assigned to Una. You can find the daily quest labeled “Repair the Seal Site” by scrolling through the pages until you reach page 8. When you click on the lens, you will see that you have to fulfill a daily quest known as Repairing the Seal Site. You have to complete it seven times.

The trip to Lake Shiverwave is a required part of the quest. You must travel to the Destroyed Sylvain Settlement. the, vanquish the foes that are positioned in the bottom right central section of it. The first tokens will be given to you in the upper area of the area. You will find the locations for the second tokens in the two more condensed areas in the middle. If you successfully defend yourself against the foes in the larger area to the bottom left, you will earn the final type of token.

After you have accumulated one hundred of each kind of token, you will be required to make your way back to the entrance of the Destroyed Sylvain Settlement. In this area, you will find a non-playable character known as Gherdia. The quest won’t be finished until you have a conversation with her. You will be able to advance to level 3 in reputation if you complete this quest seven times. Also, you can only complete one quest per day, it will take you one week to accomplish this goal.

Tooki Tooki Soup Cookin Recipe

The reward for reaching Reputation 3 will give you an item called Mana-infused Soup, which is essential to your progress. Visit Rothum now that you have both of the required components in your possession. Start from its bottom left side, close to where the Artisan’s Forest report is located for maximum precision. You’ll find a Cook named Ailara just above and to the left of it, in the top left corner.

It is the Tooki Tooki Soup that you are looking for. She also will be able to produce a number of different recipes for cooking. Crafting of it requires an investment of 3,100 silver. It will be used to transform the two items you have already acquired into the Tooki Tooki soup. The very last thing you need to do is access your inventory and make use of the items therein in order to accomplish the Adventure Tome goal you set out to achieve.

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