How to Plant Wheat in Minecraft

by Dealon Brounx
how to plant wheat minecraft

I want to talk about wheat in Minecraft. How to plant wheat in Minecraft? What to do with it next? I thought it’d be good to at least go through it in case you might have missed something. So, first you need wheat seeds.

How to get Wheat Seeds?

To get wheat seeds, you have to break grass. Villager crops are usually 50% wheat, and harvesting wheat should get you zero to three seeds. So, basically, find a lot of grass. Maybe a savanna biome. Something along the lines of that grassy biome. And if you break all the grass, you’ll find a few weed seeds. I would suggest attempting to get at least ten. I’d guess ten or eleven seeds. If you want to start an early farm, just a basic little farm, I’d recommend starting with at least ten or twelve weed seeds. That’s fine if you can’t get it. If you get more, that’s fantastic, but ten is a good starting point in my opinion.

How to Grow Wheat in Minecraft?

So, once you’ve obtained your weed seeds, all you’ll need is water, dirt blocks, and a wooden hoe. It could be a steel hoe, an ayran hoe, or any other type of hoe. You’re fine as long as it’s a hoe. That’s embarrassing. Once you get started, growing wheat seeds into wheat is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is till the soil with a hoe and then plant the wheat seeds in it. You’re almost ready to go now. One thing I should mention. If you grow the wheat seeds at night or underground, they are unlikely to sprout.

To understand about growing wheat is that it needs a light level of ten or higher to continue to grow. Light levels seven or below will actually unplan for the wheat. It has to be hydrated in order to grow faster. You can’t plant it if the light level is too low. Also, there are eight stages of growth for wheat.

Why do you need to plant wheat in Minecraft

So, a full grown wheat plant will yield one wheat and zero to three wheat seeds. Things to consider are that if you trade with a novice level farmer, they have a 40% chance of having a trade with you. They’ll buy 20 wheat for one emerald, which I don’t know if that’s a good deal with the composter. If you’re not familiar with how the composter works, basically, you can put items in there and it increases the compost level. Eventually, when it hits level seven, it goes up to level eight and you get one piece of bone meal out of the composter. So with wheat seeds, it actually gives you a 30% chance that it will increase the compost level, which I believe is the lowest level. Then wheat has a 60% chance, which I believe is the third lowest level. 

Making food with wheat

To make bread, place the wheat like that

So there are other things you can make with wheat, or you can take three wheat and make a loaf of bread. can take nine pieces of wheat and make them into a hay bale. You can take a hay bale and create nine weeks. So basically you can use that back and forth. Other things are you can take two weeks and one coca bean, and you can craft nine cookies. You can craft three milk buckets with sugar, one egg, and three wheat, and you’ll get a cake.

Tame animals with wheat

Other things about wheat are that you can use it to tame parrots. So they have a certain percentage chance. For cows, sheep, and mushrooms, wheat is basically the main food source. So what this means is they’ll follow you if you have wheat in your hand. It definitely caught their attention. You can use it to breed them. You can just tap on them and also, if they have a baby, you can get them to grow faster with wheat. So after parrots breathe, they have a five-minute cooldown, and it takes 20 minutes. It takes a baby cow to grow into an adult, and this applies to both the mushroom and also to the sheep. The other thing is that with horses, you can actually use wheat to actually repair their health.

It’s not that much, and also you can use them to pretty much tame them. So if you feed wheat to them, what will happen is that they’ll actually lower their temper, and this is a measure of basically how tameable they are. So there’s a certain measure, like 0 to 99. When it reaches a hundred, a horse will be tamed. So you can actually feed them wheat and it’d also make it easier to tame them. Also, with wheat seeds, you can obviously use them to feed chickens. So you can get them to breed with weed seeds and also make them grow faster. They’ll follow you also, so this is similar to the other ones. There will be a 5 minute cooldown for them to breed again. There’ll be 20 minutes for the chick to actually be able to grow to an adult. So that was wheat and also wheat seeds in minecraft.

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