How to play Nova in Warfarme?

by Dealon Brounx
How to play Nova in Warfarme

How to play Nova in Warfarme? This guide will be explaining the basics of Nova as well as showing a couple of recommended bills. Let’s get right into it.

Nova’s abilities in Warfarme

Starting off with her passive, when she’s knocked down, a Nova emits a neutron burst dealing 250 blast damage. Also, knocking down enemies within six meters. Being knocked down triggers this passive as well. Nova’s first ability, an old star, creates antimatter particles that orbit her and launch themselves at nearby enemies. Each particle reduces damage by 5%, up to a maximum of 90% with mods. Particles will continue to orbit Nova indefinitely until they find a nearby enemy. Null star can’t be recast. While it’s active unless the neutron star augment is used. The number of particles is affected by ability duration. 300% duration will give the most particles.

She moves on to her second ability, antimatter drop.

This creates a damage absorbing orb. It can be steered while the aiming reticle. Damage from enemies as well as friendly fire can be absorbed up to 25,000 damage. It deals 200 base damage plus eight times the absorbed damage as radiation damage within its explosion radius. The base damage can be improved with additional ability strength. Also, the explosion radius, and eight times the absorption.

The next wormhole multiplier cannot be modeled for both allies. Enemies passing through the portal will travel to the exit point instantly. There can be four simultaneous wormholes active at any one time, and each can be used four times. Creating a fifth wormhole while active will result in the earliest death. Wormhole made to collapse gunfire will travel through a wormhole and continue its trajectory upon exit. The duration of wormholes and the ranges of the exit points can both be modded for by increasing ability duration and ability range respectively. The escape velocity augment mods will give Nova and allies a 50% movement speed buff for seven seconds upon exiting a wormhole.

Finally, Nova’s portability molecular prime creates a wave of antimatter particles which coat enemies and affect their movement and attack speeds. The duration of the wave will be affected by their ability duration, and since the wave continues to move outwards while it is active, its range will simultaneously increase as well.

How to play with Nova?

All quoted enemies will detonate and deal blast damage upon death. All damage dealt to coated enemies is doubled. The blast damage dealt to enemies is affected by ability strength. The speed debuff is also affected by ability strength. The value of the speed debuff can be determined by adding ability strength directly to the base value of the debuff, which is a 30% slow debuff. The molecular fission augment mode causes killing any listed enemies to restore a null star charge. Now, let’s look at some practical applications for Nova. Nova can slow down any boss in the game with molecular prime. This is best seen with Levantus, slowing it down and leaving its weak spots for a longer time, and slowing down its attacks as well.

Finally, using an escape velocity build allows you to complete capture missions much faster, which is useful in the plains or at the opera. but not least, the builds. These builds all require four forma and one less if you don’t use prime mods.

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