How to refund in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
refund in Fortnite

It looks like Fortnite have finally decided to add back the legendary refund requests, that all of us wanted back into the game for so long. Many of you will likely recall that they utilized to offer them in the past when they were available. If you did use all three of them, for some unknown reason, they just removed them entirely. However, in the most recent version, they have actually brought them back in a new system that functions something like a refresh cooldown.

So, how to refund in Fortnite?

It is really interesting. If you go into your main menu, click on your sentence tab. Then go over to the very right, under the account and privacy tab, and look under return requests. You can see here that you’ll have one available to save return requests. If you’d like to return an item, you have one free return. The refresh date is 365 days and you have a maximum of three free return requests. Also, you can return only items purchased with V-bucks within the last 30 days. Battle passes are not returnable.

You can get a better idea of how it operates if you click on the link that says “Submit a Request,” however the information is essentially summed up right there. For example, I had one request available. If you use this version of Fortnite, you will not be able to access the other version for an additional 12 months if you choose to use the other version. Therefore, you need to choose these items very carefully. After the date of the request, you won’t be able to access them for another year.

That makes sense!

If these were sort of like a megacooldown, like monthly, you’d use a skin for like 30 days and get bored of it. Then just refund it and do not add more V-bucks and do not spend more. You just keep recycling the refunds. Fortnite has introduced this new system, which is pretty interesting and I myself am a big fan of it. For example, the last skin you bought on your account was the grave robber. If you actually click on it, you can see you can submit a return request. It says “warning, you have one request remaining and after using this return request it will not be available again.” It’s pretty strict in the way you can return stuff. Obviously, it’s the purchases that you’ve only made in the last 30 days. It is really cool for any of you out there that do want to return to something in Fortnite.

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