How to remove enchantments in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
remove enchantments in Minecraft

How to remove enchantments in Minecraft? Maybe you are wondering how to remove enchantments in Minecraft. In this article I want to explain using grindstone and crafting to remove enchantments. You can remove all enchantments except for the curse enchantments like curse of vanishing and curse of binding. The curse of binding is an enchantment for the armor that does not allow it to be removed from the armor slot once it is worn. The cursed advantage means the item will disappear.

Once you’ve died with it, you can’t remove one enchantment on an item.

You can only remove all of the enchantments off of an item except for the cursed enchantments. The first way of removing enchantments in minecraft is through the grindstone. This is the job site block for the weaponsmith villagers. It can be used to repair items or tools and remove enchantments. The grindstone is the opposite of the anvil, which you can use to put enchantments on things, repair them, and combine them. The grindstone does the same except it removes all enchantments from items.

How this works is you put the item you want to remove the enchantments from in the first slot and in the last slot.

You will notice an item that has not been enchanted. As soon as you destroy the enchantments, the experience points associated with them will be released. This may come in handy for gaining experience points from weapons, tools, and armor that have enchantments of a low level or enchantments that you do not want.

Also, you can also find two damaged items in the grindstone that will combine the durability and give a 5% bonus, but will remove all enchantments. Anything you do with enchanted items in the grinder will remove their enchantments. The other way to remove enchantments is the crafting grid. This can be the crafting grid when opening your inventory or using a crafting table. One of the uses of the crafting grid is that you can use it similar to the anvil and grindstone to combine damaged items into one. The process will combine the durability of both items into one. However, the side effect is that it removes all enchantments except for curse enchantments. However, this isn’t as helpful as the grindstone as you don’t get a bonus of durability or get xp from removing enchantments. If you like this article, please leave a comment down below.

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