How to sell in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx
sell in EVE Online

How to sell in EVE Online? In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of putting together a sell order in EVE Online. Simply enough, what you need to do is navigate to the screen that displays your inventory, click on that screen, and then bring up the item hangar.

Therefore, in order to make a sale, the item in question needs to be located within your item hangar.

You then give the item a right-click. You now go to sell this thing, and up in this section, you will find the ability to determine the price at which you will sell it. Right-clicking on the item again and selecting “see market details” is what you do when you want to find out how much other people on this station are asking for things that are identical to yours. For illustration’s sake, the item you want costs 30 right now, which is the lowest price that can be found on this station. You have the ability to undercut the competition by offering a lower price than they do. Also, you have been provided with the information that the average for the region is 25, however the average for the station is completely different. You can also enter the quantity using the keyboard.

Therefore, you may either keep that space blank.

If you want to make a change, you can simply delete the current contents of the box and then enter in the new quantity, for example 10,000. Duration. You are provided with some further information, and you have the option of deciding how long you want each of the three two-word sale offers to be displayed for. The commission for the broker is three thousand, five hundred twenty-seven dollars. That is the sort of thing that the kind of guy who sets up the offer gets, and sales tax is a tax that you pay when you sell goods.

You are able to check that the order was successfully placed by going to your wallet, pressing the button labeled “go over,” and picking the “orders” option from the menu that appears. Antimatter requests ten thousand coo in exchange for twenty-eight dollars, as is evident from the information presented in this section. Orders are put up in EVE Online in a method that is generally analogous to the one detailed above. I genuinely hope you gained some new knowledge from that.

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