How to show hitboxes in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to show hitboxes in Minecraft
How to show hitboxes in Minecraft

How to show hitboxes in Minecraft? In this article I want to talk about hitboxes and how you can use them to your advantage.

How to see hitboxes in Minecraft?

You must simultaneously press and hold the f3 and b buttons in order to view hitboxes. After that, you should be able to see the hitbox, which includes the three components previously mentioned. The white square, which represents the hitbox; the red line, which represents the eye line; and the blue line, which illustrates the location at which the map is currently looking; these three lines are seen below. This feature is incredibly helpful for player vs player combat because it allows you to see the hitboxes of the opponents you are competing against. You do damage to them. Hitboxes can be found on things such as maps, players, monsters, and the effects of splash potions.

Why do you need to see hitboxes in Minecraft?

Because you can see exactly where you need to strike an enemy or another player in order to deal damage to them, the hitbox is a very helpful tool in both the case of mobs and players. As you can see in this screenshot, I am successfully hitting the zombie arm, but I am not dealing any damage to the zombie because I am not touching his hitbox. The splash potion effect is another another advantageous aspect of hitboxes in player against player combat. You are provided with detailed information regarding the location of the effect on the map, allowing you to successfully avoid coming into touch with those who possess it.

Have you ever wished to remove the mob from the boat or minecart and accidentally heated them up, causing you to be able to take them off? Because you can see exactly which hitbox belongs to the minecart or boat and which hitbox belongs to the mob, this process is made far simpler when hitboxes are enabled. As a result, you eliminate the risk of mistakenly causing damage to the map.

A few little tricks with hitboxes.

So, even when you’re in the survival inventory, you can see where you’re looking around with the mouse. To get out of this just again, press f3 followed by B. That’s really all there is to it. You only need to turn this feature on and off. Get on the f5 here, and I’ll quickly explain something with horses as an example. Therefore, when you spawn a horse, the very top of their head is not even part of their hitbox; consequently, you will not be able to strike them on the nose or the very top of their head.

Their hitbox is basically like start at the neck, thus all you have to do to defeat them is punch above the back. It’s basically a very fantastic tactic that will allow you to learn all of the hitboxes and locate the spots on an armor stand where you can shatter it, allowing you to punch next to it and immediately destroy it.

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