How to sign up for Halo Infinite beta?

by Dealon Brounx
Halo Infinite beta

Halo Infinite beta

The Halo Infinite beta is said to be announced at E3. I’m really excited to see what the team has done to improve the game. In the most recent images that came out, the game is looking fantastic. Aside from the weird changes as a sidekick, which I’m hoping are just an attachment and not permanent, they also seem to be recycling the models. Models from the Memories of Reach rack packs and Halo 5, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Honestly, they’re probably the only good armor sets in Halo 5. So, I’m glad that 343 brought them back as part of Infinite. The beta is most likely going to be held through the Halo Insider program, which they use for MC.

I want to tell everyone, how to get in on Infinite before the release.

The process is free of charge and can cause frustration. Let’s do it! Alright, so if you follow the link on the Halo website, it’ll take you to the halo insiders sign-up page. You can click “sign up” at the bottom and sign in with your Xbox Live account. It’ll ask you to put in your email and password. Once you’re signed in, it’ll take you to the next page, which will give you their confidentiality statement and have you state that you are 18 or older. This is pretty much the same one that Microsoft gives to everyone. So, I’d say you can pretty much agree with it. Next, we’ll have you fill out some basic settings: your preferred email address and location; and experience with halo games. Make sure you put in the right email because they will notify you when the flight is available.

For all of you that want to be playing, the beta on console!

You’ll have to opt into the console flight and fill out some specifications for your console and which accessories you use. For those of you that think there’s a PC master race, which there isn’t, You’ll go through a similar process by going through a diagnostic to fill out your PC specs and linking your Steam account. The final part of it all is to tell 343 when you’ll be able to play their builds, including days of the week and general blocks of time when you’re available. Then you can complete the signup. As you can see, most of the boxes will have a green checkmark next to them, unless you just opt out of PC flighting or console flighting. Your email will say “pending verification.” You’ll want to check in your inbox or your spam folder and click “verify my email address” and that box will be filled. You’ll get a notification soon when the flight is available.

While you’re still on your PC for all Xbox gamers, you’ll have to sign up for the Xbox Insider program. You can do this by going onto the Microsoft Store, searching for “Xbox Insider Bundle,” and downloading the bundle. This will allow you to report problems and access the builds through the app. If you want to learn more about the Xbox Insider Hub, there are multiple videos on YouTube about how to navigate it.

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