How to sit out in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
sit out in Fortnite

Sit out in Fortnite

How to sit out in Fortnite on playstation, pc, xbox, switch, android, ps4 and ps5. This is what i’m going to tell you today. So, I’m gonna tell you how to sit out with keyboard mouse on pc and then i’m gonna tell you how to do it on the playstation.

So, on pc you simply go to the top left corner to the settings menu or the side panel. You open the side panel, click on it and here you can see several options for instance participation. Just click on participation, playing with your mouse and you will see it’s sitting out. This means, that your friends can queue without you. They don’t have to wait for you to come back from the bathroom or something. They can just play, you don’t have to worry, that they invite somebody else, that your spot is gone. Yeah, you save a spot! So, you have a reserved spot and now let’s switch to the playstation.

How to do it on the Playstation? If you want to stop sitting out, just go back to the side panel and click on play. So, you want to sit out, clicked on the character’s face, went to participation, clicked on sitting out. Then your status was playing and you could play with your friends. For example, I got my playstation 5 control, I got my Xbox controller and i got my Nintendo Switch Pro controller. So what we can do? It’s basically, the same on all systems. First, you’re going to press the menu button to open the menu, then you go again up to your character, face you press the cursor up. On Nintendo Switch, it’s the b button. Now, the character’s sitting out and you could queue up, without the character being there. Just go to participation, which just said sitting out. This is how to sit on Fortnite chapter 3!

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