How to slide cancel in Warzone?

by Dealon Brounx
slide cancel in Warzone

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert player, I guarantee I’ll have some information of use to you. What is slide cancelling? Why do we need to slide cancel? How do you effectively perform a slide cancel? I want to explain how to slide cancel in Warzone.

What is slide canceling?

Slide canceling is essentially blending animations together to get from point a to point b faster and in a much smoother fashion. Stringing together multiple combos of this animation mixed with other various movements will allow you to do things other players simply can’t and give you that much needed edge in warzone.

So why do we need to slide cancel? There are three main reasons why every player can benefit from slide cancelling and learning how to perform the different variations of each slide. You may not know this, but there isn’t just one slide cancel that fits all situations.

There are short ones, long ones, mixed with the jump shot, and other variations.

I want to talk about the basic slide cancel. Reason one out of three is pretty simple: the slide cancel allows you to move faster. So, whether it’s outrunning the storm, crossing the street, or simply raising a teammate to the satchel, you’ll always have the advantage here. We have a sprint test, basically. Player a will be sprinting with tax print and nothing else, while Player b will be slide canceling to the end.

Slide cancelling is faster now.

Moving faster is great, but not getting shot at is even better. Slide cancelling allows your character model to lower to the ground and back up to an upright position in such quick succession that you become a much harder target to hit and track compared to a regular sprint.

I would definitely recommend you go on tap. I would also recommend auto attack sprint if you don’t already have it. Number one, it makes your movement effortless and also lightens the load on your controller, preventing stick drift and regular wear and tear. Button layout is also important. 

If you have a regular controller and a regular grip, you’re gon na need to set your button layout to tactical. I would only use this option simply to move faster or around something because this method requires you to remove your thumb from your right stick, not allowing you to aim. So the button layouts are as follows for playstation controllers: it’s R3+R3+X.

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