How to spectate in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Spectate in Fortnite

Spectate option in Fortnite

Today, I’m gonna be telling you how to spectate people, when you’re not even in their game. As long as their party is public or they invite you to your party, you can spectate anybody who’s in the game. This works for every single season and they just updated it with the new patch.

So, the main thing is, they have to be in a match and their party has to be public. If it’s found private, you need an invite from them, so you can join. So, you need to check, if there’s anybody here that you can join. All right, so just make sure it says join the party. For example, you can join some random party and then you just click on the person’s party. Someone has to be the party leader and you just click on him. So, once you’re at their party and they’re in a game, you go to a friend’s party up. Then, you go to the person, who is the party leader, that you draw and then you click on them and you press watch game. Then from here, it’s gonna take a second to load. It’s going to pretty much load you into the game and you’re going to be able to watch your friend play. It’s pretty much a spectator mode, they should have been added a long time ago. Yeah, you can just watch whoever you won’t play as long as their party’s in the public. Who are you gonna invite, if it’s on private and then you can ready up yourself spectate or return to lobby? That’s pretty much all there is to it and hopefully, you enjoy this article.

Fortnite creative

But, how to not spectate in Fortnite? As a way to avoid spectating in Fortnite creative. You can go in spectating mode, soon as you load. There’s like a few seconds, where you can just buy. Once, you’re back in the crib, you go to the world, then you dodge straight down and it works like sending the time. You join the world, that you might have friends into something, then, as you join, just hold forward on your left. It doesn’t work every single time! If it doesn’t work, you can just go back to creative mode and do it again.

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