How to split stacks in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx
split stacks in EVE Online

How to split stacks in EVE Online? In this article, I want to talk about this and also about inventory managment. First, how do you find your stuff and their stations all over? So once you’ve been a bunch of places and you bought something here, you’ve done a mission over there, you drop something off over here real quick, maybe you did some mining over here and you put the ore in this station. How do you find all of that? Well, it’s really simple. You have your personal assets. The icon for it and the shortcut, as it says, is alt+T.

In the item hangar there is a decent amount of stuff.

Nothing compared to what you can build up after a little while, but it’s a decent amount of stuff and after a while, scrolling through it just to find that one thing you’re looking for even with the search blank isn’t the easiest thing out there. One is just kind of organizing stuff by station. They keep like, you know, have an operation over in one area where most of the stuff related to it stays over there but then within stations you need a way to separate this.

Can you put stuff in containers, that don’t have labels to tell you what’s in them? I think you literally don’t want to go container by container. You don’t want to do that, so right click on one and you get the set name option. You can just select any number of things here. Most of the civilian stuff isn’t going to be used anytime after you get it.

If you have stuff in the containers, you can clear out your item hanger.

You can get more station containers to actually work out what kind of organizational structure you want to go for, and that’s how that works. What if, for whatever reason For example, I wanted to do something with some metal scraps but I didn’t want to do something with all 31 of them. For instance, I wanted to reprocess them but I wanted to keep 10. Well, if you click and hold, you can drag items around as long as you hold down shift and have it held down when you let go.

You just punch that in and hit enter So, I had a split stack where I’ve got 10 and 21 and another. The counterpart to that is that sometimes when you pick things up you get stacks and stacks and stacks of the same thing and you don’t want that. You can right-click and stack all. It will go through everything in that window and just stack anything that can be stacked.

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