How to stretch resolution in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
stretch resolution in Fortnite

How to stretch resolution in Fortnite? In this article, I want to tell you how to get it for yourselves at home. Trust me, you need to try out this stretch resolution as soon as possible. If you’re still wondering, why should i try this resolution for one, it will boost your fps massively. Also, it will improve your aim and it will lower any input delay, that you’ve got on your PC.

So, to do it, you must do two easy steps to stretch resolution in Fortnite.

Step number one is change the config file and step number two is change the nvidia resolution or whatever resolution you’ve got on your pc. Step number one – you want to find the Fortnite game folder, just type f until you find Fortnite game. Next, open up that, open up Saved folder, open up config windows client. You should see a config file right here, called game user settings. So, you want to go ahead and edit it.

Before you do it, make sure, that read only box is unchecked, it is really important. After that, you want to scroll down to the bottom and find the resolution sections. for the first setting, that’s the x, you have to type in 1400. Then, for the second one, type in 1050. After this, click on properties and check read only. It will prevent Fortnite from making any automatic changes and resetting your stretch resolution back to native.

Now, we’re ready for step two.

So, to change nvidia resolution. You have to go back on your desktop. You want to right click and click on the nvidia control panel. Also, you can do this in similar steps, if you’re on AMD. You have to click on adjust desktop size and position setting. Make sure, that the full screen option right is selected. Some of you might have aspect ratio and this will give you black bars. If you want it, make sure it is on full screen. Then, you’ll go back into change resolution. Click on customize and then click on custom resolution. Then here you want to make the custom resolution.
Make sure, that the refresh rate matches your monitor’s refresh rate. After this, it should pop up as a separate resolution from 1920 by 1080. If you press ok, will done it. All you’ve got to do is double click on it, click apply. It’ll put us in to that 1400 by 1050 stretched resolution. You’re all good! Just open up Fortnite and your lobby screen should look super stretched.

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