How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft

by Dealon Brounx
how to tame a donkey in minecraft

How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft? The first thing you need to know is that they spawn in groups of two to six on plains and in savannas. Horses are more likely to spawn than donkeys; there is a 90% chance that horses will do so and a 10% chance that donkeys will. This indicates that nine out of ten times, you’ll get horses and one out of ten times, you’ll get a donkey.

The ability to mount a saddle on a donkey makes them valuable. They can also be used as pack animals. They are the quickest pack animals in Minecraft because they can store items. Also, they can be outfitted with store chests containing up to 15 items, and I would actually compare their speed to mules. However, if you kill them, they only drop 0–2 pieces of leather and 1–3 XP.

How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft

The following concept you ought to comprehend is that of food. They therefore resemble both horses and mules in Minecraft, which makes perfect sense. With mules and horses, this table is nearly identical. Sugar, wheat, apples, golden carrots, golden apples, and bales of hay are all things you can give a donkey. It will make them healthier. Bills will be paid in increments of one, two, three, four, ten, and twenty. Additionally, it can quicken the process by which a baby donkey develops into a full-grown adult donkey.

Accordingly, it takes 30 seconds for sugar, 1 minute for apples, 1 minute for golden carrots. Also, 4 minutes for the most expensive golden apples, and 3 minutes for hay bales. Additionally, there is this issue with temper. Donkeys are obviously very similar to horses, so the thing about temper is that there is this measure of temper; it’s zero to about nine. So when you try to tame a donkey, it will essentially create a random number tweet in that range and while you’re trying to tame it, it’ll basically change the temper.

Therefore, feeding a donkey before trying to tame it is one way to actually succeed. The goal is to reach 100. However, if you look at the higher ones, plus five for golden carrots and plus ten for golden apples, the only things that are allowed to enter into love mode are golden carrots and golden apples. If you feed them sugar, it gets them three plus higher in temper. So the goal is to get to a hundred.

How to Breed Donkeys in Minecraft

These involve horses, donkeys, and mules, and each one is essentially unique to each animal, as I forgot to mention. The health of donkeys is the best example, so. The health status ranges from 15 to 30 and is summarized by the maximum of 15 hearts; therefore, the average health is approximately 22 to 23, but it varies from animal to animal. The idea is to basically breed ones that have higher health or there is more value to ones that have higher health with donkeys. There is no difference between any of the donkeys in terms of their jump strength or movement speed. it is because they all have the same number of these attributes for some reason.

Additionally, remember that it is obviously impossible to ride a bird. Additionally, a newborn donkey has its own untamed when it is born. This means that you must tame the new animal and that you are unable to ride them through nether portals. In order to pass through, you must have a clearance distance of three, which is two for the donkey and one for you. However, you also need a space that is wider than one. So you require a two-wide by two-three-high space for both you and the donkey to pass through while you are riding.

So hopefully that helped you understand donkeys at least a little bit. In Minecraft, they are a very valuable breed of horse, especially as a pack animal. They make good pack animals because they move fairly quickly. They are yours to ride and transport wherever you please. A donkey with 15 inventory slots is ideal if you need a lot of sand. So, they can be very helpful.

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