How to trade in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx
trade in Path of Exile
trade in Path of Exile

How to trade in Path of Exile? To start things off, you can buy a pair of aziri stepped slink boots. The first thing you need to do when wanting to buy an item is find someone who has it. You should ask around on the trade chat to see if anyone has it. I definitely do not want you to disable trait chat asap. While you’re at it, disable your general chat too. What you actually want to do is go to the official site of Excel trade site. Then, we’ll type “azure step” into the search bar and click on it once the results are narrowed down.

Make sure you’re searching in the proper league or else things might get awkward.

Hit enter or click search and the list of items up for sale will show up by default. The cheapest items will be shown at the top. At this point, you can choose to refine the search further if necessary, or look through the list as is. We’re going to set the search so that it only shows us non-corrupted items. In-game, click show filters miscellaneous, set corrupted to no, and press enter. on this whisper button on the right and it will automatically copy out a message for you to send to the seller in-game. Return to your game.

Hit enter to open chat. Use CTRL-V to paste your message into the text box and press enter to send. Give the seller a few moments to respond. If they don’t respond, move down the list on the trade site and send a message to another seller. They’ll send you a party invite. Hit accept.

Make sure you have the required currency in your inventory and enough space for the item you’re buying.

Then travel to their hideout, right click their portrait and press “Visit Hideout.” They’ll send you a trade request. Click Accept to move your currency into the trade window. To avoid getting scammed, make sure the item they’re giving you is exactly what you wanted, and then hit accept. Grats! You’ve completed your first purchase. It’s polite to send an extra message saying a short thank you or something like that before getting on with your life. If we were looking for a rare with a particular set of stats instead of unique like at Siri‘s.

Other important properties in the various categories on the left.

Selling items requires that you have a premium stash tab. To get one, you can either upgrade an existing tab for 15 points or buy one outright for 40 points. Right-clicking the name of your premium stash tab will bring up a list of properties that you can configure. the tab to public It is a good start to choose whatever color you want to give the tab and give it a proper name. You can choose whether you want the items to be priced individually or whether you want them all to be set at the same price.

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