How to turn off cross-platform in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
turn off cross-platform in Fortnite

How to turn off cross-platform in Fortnite? In this article I want to explain how to turn off cross plate on your Xbox One with Fortnite. So, you have to open Fortnite. Then, go to the options menu and then go over to the settings section. Usually, you have an option somewhere in the settings to turn off cross play. So, that’s how you would do it with the individual games.

Sometimes, they don’t have an option to turn off cross play in the settings.

So, how could you accomplish this still on your Xbox One? Well, if you hit the Xbox button on you controller, then go over to the right to the systems tab. Then go down to settings. After that, go down to account, go over to privacy and online safety and type in your passkey. If you have one, go to Xbox Live privacy, go down to view details and customize. So, under here move down to communication and multiplayer. Then, you will see the option, where it says, you can play with people outside of Xbox Live. Decide to allow or block multiplayer gaming with players on other gaming services outside of Xbox Live.

You have an option to block this and this is cross play.

If you block this you will not be able to play people on PC or PlayStation 4 or Mac. Once, you have this blocked, go back to the game that you want. I’ve tried this in Fortnite. Then you can go ahead and start the game. You’ll sometimes get a pop-up like, where it says cross-platform play is currently disabled and you’ll have to turn on cross play. In fortnite’s specifically, if you go from squads to solo, you can still play with cross played turned off. So, check out all the different game modes to see, if you can still launch the game.

There is one disadvantage to this is not a lot of people know how to specifically turn off cross-platform in Fortnite on their Xbox One. So, with Apex Legends or Call the Duty Warzone you may have longer wait time to get into a game. More people must to know how to turn off cross play by going to the privacy settings and just blocking cross play. That is all! If you have any other questions or anything like that, comment down below.

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