How to turn off cross-platform in Fortnite (Xbox)

by Dealon Brounx
How to turn off cross-platform in Fortnite

How to turn off cross-platform in Fortnite? In this article I want to explain how to turn off cross plate on your Xbox One with Fortnite. Therefore, you should launch Fortnite. After that, select the Options menu, and after that, select the Settings part of the menu. In most games, you may disable cross play via an option buried deep within the configuration menu. So, in terms of the individual games, this is how you would go about doing it.

Turn off Fortnite cross-platform on Xbox

Sometimes, they don’t have an option to turn off cross play in the settings. The question now is how you may complete this task while still using your Xbox One console. If you press the Xbox button on your controller, then navigate to the tab labeled “Systems” on the right side of the screen. After that, head on down to the settings. After that, head on over to your account, navigate to the section labeled Privacy and Online Safety, and input your passkey there.

If you have an Xbox Live account, navigate to the privacy settings. Scroll down to view details, and then adjust your settings. Therefore, scroll down to the section labeled “communication and “multiplayer.” You will then see the option where it indicates that you can play with folks who are not part of Xbox Live. You can choose whether to enable or disable the ability to play multiplayer games with gamers on gaming services other than Xbox Live.

You have an option to block this and this is crossplay. If you do not allow this, you will not be able to compete against other users on your own computer, PlayStation 4, or Mac. After you have successfully blocked this, you can return to the game you want to play. I’ve given this a shot in the game of Fortnite. After that, you are free to get the game started whenever you like.

How to know that cross-platform is disabled in Fortnite

It is possible that you will see a pop-up message informing you that cross-platform play is presently disabled and that you will need to enable cross play. If you switch from playing in squads to playing on your own in Fortnite, you can keep crossplay disabled even after making the switch. Therefore, before attempting to run the game again, make sure that all of the different game modes are explored.

One drawback to this is that not many people are aware of how to specifically disable cross-platform play in Fortnite on their Xbox Ones, which is a significant limitation. It is possible that you will have to wait a lengthier amount of time to enter into a game if you play Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone. A greater number of individuals need to be aware that they may turn off cross play by going into the privacy settings and just banning crossplay. That completes it! Now you know, how to turn off cross-platform in Fortnite. Leave a comment below if you have any further inquiries or anything else related to this topic.

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