How to turn on aim assist Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
aim assist Fortnite

Turn on aim assist Fortnite

Today, I’m going to tell you how to turn your aim assist back on, if you’ve got it turned off and you completely forgot where the setting is. Or if you want to turn a mist off, which I don’t recommend doing that, unless it is for a bit of fun and you’re just trying to do a couple of creative 1v1 with your buddies and you’ve all got your aim assist off. It can be certainly very fun if you want to be doing that. Anyways, all you gotta do to turn your aim assist on or off is press your options button. Then go over to settings and then you want to go over to the sensitivity tab, which will be the gear and controller sort of icon. Then you want to be scrolling down and looking at your aim assist strength. If you want to turn it on, then make sure you’ve got it a hundred percent. If you want to turn it off, obviously, put it down to zero and then press the triangle or Y button on your controller to apply the setting. That is about it to do this.

By the way, you want to make sure that your advanced settings are on and it’s very easy to turn them on. You do go up and turn it off and I’ll tell you what to do. For example, you can’t really change your aim assist strength, so that’s why you want to have it on. After that, you can basically turn your aim assist on or off and that pretty much wraps you up.

Fix aim in fortnite

Also, I can tell you about how you can actually fix aim assist. So, if you guys are familiar with the update and how things have changed since chapter three, aim assist has actually gotten a lot weaker and there have been no direct setting changes. So, if you go to the controller options and you just go to your settings and you look around literally nothing has changed. It’s all exactly the same and it’s just new core game mechanics, that just made aim weaker. Aim assist isn’t like the snap-on aimbot thing, that everyone makes it out to be. In this new chapter, I lowered my sensitivity by 7. My other friendzone controller lowered their sensitivity by around 7 to 10 as well. Keep in mind I play exponential. If you guys are playing linear or you are playing a much faster sense, you might want to reduce it even more. I hope this article was helpful and if it was, then make sure to leave a comment! I hope this article was helpful and if it was then make sure to leave a comment!

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