How to turn on performance mode in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
performance mode in Fortnite

Fortnite have added the performance boost mode and the results, that this shows in game are insane! In this article i’ll tell you how to turn on performance mode in Fortnite. A rough idea of what fps boost is actually going to give you depending on your hardware. You are going to be able to turn on this performance mode, as long as your pc reaches the minimum specifications for Fortnite.

The performance mode in Fortnite is selectable through the in-game settings menu.

You’re not going to use directx 11 or 12, the performance will make your game a lot more smooth. It offers a significant performance gain by trading out visual quality to lower memory usage. Also, it lighten the load on the CPU and GPU. For players, who are already using low settings and on less powerful hardware, this mode will allow the game to run better, than ever before. It maintain a smoother frame rate.

The first thing you actually need to do, just go to the Epic Games launcher. Once, you’ve opened it, go down to your library. Go to locate Fortnite and click on the three dots, then click on options. There will be an option under Fortnite Save the World and it’s called high resolution textures. Just go ahead and untick that checkbox. So, this will remove almost 15 gigabytes of files from the game, which is massive. It allow your Fortnite to run a lot smoother. That’s all you actually need to do to actually enable this feature.

For example, the intel build would average around about 24 fps.

After doing this it goes to 61 fps, which is a massive performance increase. I haven’t ever seen anything like this before. It does help me out massively and also do not forget about massive updates for Fortnite.

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