How to unlink Fortnite account from Xbox?

by Dealon Brounx
Unlink Fortnite account

Today, i’m going to tell you how to unlink or log out of Fortnite on your Xbox One. So, if you’re trying to log out of your Fortnite account on your xbox one and you’re going to settings and you’re trying to log out and you’ll realize there is no way to actually log out of fortnite on your xbox one – what you will actually have to do. You have to press the xbox button and then go back to the home screen. You will need to go to the Microsoft Edge Internet browser. So once you select this, you will have to type in epic games into the address bar and go to Type in Epic Games so it will be Next, go to the three lines and select a and it’s going to take you to the United States or your region’s epic games website. Next, in the upper right hand side of the screen, there will be an option to sign into your account and you’re going to want to go ahead and sign into your epic games account. Otherwise, there will be an option to sign into your Xbox Live account, where you’ll have to remember your email address and your password for your xbox account to log in.

Epic games account

So, you have your epic games account on top, you can sign in with facebook, google and then you’ll have your Xbox live sign in. Now sign in with your Xbox live email address and password. However, you may have changed your email at some point and you may want to sign in with a different method, so if you don’t think you changed your email at all and you haven’t linked your xbox live fortnite account to a different email address, sign in with xbox live. Next, hover over your name and drop down window will appear. Then go to account on the left hand side, scroll down to connections. Then go over to accounts and then scroll down a little bit and you’ll see an option right under Xbox to unlink or disconnect.

For example, I have a Playstation. i can disconnect my Playstation account from email address. When i go up to xbox it says connect, because i already unlinked it. The next time you log into Fortnite and you try to log in, it’s going to prompt you do you want to sign in and that’s when you can change your email address or the way you sign in to Fortnite. You can go ahead and just start fresh with your progression and just level up everything once again with your battle pass or just your free battle pass! You can completely start fresh, so once you unlink it it’ll be very easy to go ahead and log out of Fortnite with new email address.

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