How to unlock Scion in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx

Scion in Path of Exile

How to unlock Scion in Path of Exile? In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps necessary to get Scion in Path of Exile. Regrettably, you won’t get access to the Scion until the very last possible moment in the game. You will travel to a location known as the Scepter of God at the end of the third and final act of the game. This is the region that, if you keep going, will bring you directly to the game’s ultimate boss. There is a staircase leading up to the last boss that is located immediately before him. At the bottom of this stairway, there is a woman who is trapped inside of something that seems like a typical jail cell but has a steampunk aesthetic. When you open it up, you will find the Scion within.

A bright yellow exclamation mark will be visible above her head.

You can now play as Scion if you have conversed with her, listened to her tale, and earned the freedom accomplishment. You do not have to complete the game in order to have access to her. You could unlock her, start the game over, and then start that to play as she is and complete the game. There is no requirement that you win the fight against the final boss in order to access her. Having a conversation with her is all that is required to unlock Scion. That sums up all that needs to be said.

How to run with Scion as a league starter?

You have to start with the gem and the skill that you will be using. Your main skill will be cyclone, and you will put in first channeling metaphysical brutality to increase critical damage and increase critical chance. You will also have an aura setup with pride and precision, the red banner of errol of purity, and, of course, a knighthead, which needs to be at least level 3. For the last slot, you need to put underincry because it’s very useful to generate the undress charges for curses and movements.

You will need to put faster attack, ex touch, and vulnerability for the two terms which will give you a great boost in terms of dps. You need to put what-if protector to 10 and either increase duration or Let’s get started, and I’ll start with the sword, which is the most expensive item in the build. You’ll need about six or seven exalted for this word, as well as enough pdps and a critical strike multiplier for the armored part.

For the gloves, especially attack speed and increased damage for the helm.

Make sure to have an attack speed enchant on it and for the boots, a good lab enchant. You can pick the ones that you like and there are more Be sure to also have this percentage of physical reduction. As you can see, every piece of armor is influenced by this orb, so you need to apply them to each piece of armor that you have and make sure to look for defensive or offensive buffs. For example, attack damage damage per power charge So just roll your mods till you have this kind of buffet for the jewelry.

You will need life damage, critical strike multiplier, and so on. Just for the amulet you need to allocate fatal blade, which gives a great dps boost, and also to have this physical leash as mana. You need it on one part, so I chose on the emulator. Also, you can have it on another patch, but it’s very mandatory to have this physical damage leash as mana for the belt once again damages life and so on. You will also need these watcher eyes, which give you flask charge when you make a critical strike.

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