How to Use Powerpass in Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
how to use lost ark powerpass

I’d want to quickly describe the Powerpass system in Lost Ark and offer some general tips for using it. Let’s start by asking how to obtain a Powerpass. Then, how to use Powerpass.

How to Get Powerpass in Lost Ark

You must complete a brief sequence of story objectives after reaching Vern Castle at level 50 before beginning the quest Ealyn’s Gift. Your Powerpass will appear in some mail that appears in the top left corner when you finish the mission. This object must first be claimed before it is transferred to your inventory, where it must then be used. You can use it whenever you wish on a brand-new character when it is bound to your account. You receive the second Powerpass right away after using the first one on that character. The same as previously, it will show up in your mailbox, and you can utilize it in your inventory after that.

There are no further Powerpass after that. The limit for the Korean version is two per account. We don’t yet know if that will be the case in the western version of the game, however some subsequent class releases will be issued with Powerpasses, so you can skip the leveling process for them all at once if you like. Fortunately, there is another method that I’ll describe in a moment that will level a character to 50 automatically.

How to Use Powerpass

You can actually select the class you wish to play as immediately after selecting the Powerpass option from the main menu. You’ll be taken to Trixion after choosing this, where you’ll see the same brief introduction as with your first character. Here, you get to choose which advanced class you want to play as and have the ability to practice playing as them in the training area to make sure you want to.

Powerpass Preferences in Lost Ark

You’ll be given the option to choose the adventurer’s path or bypass it once you’ve chosen a class. If you miss it, you’ll finish the game right away with a level 50 character. However, there are rewards for choosing the risky path that I believe are worthwhile. You essentially relive a few crucial tale missions on the adventurous road in order to comprehend what is happening in the globe. You receive a pet and three chests worth of goodies for not skipping it. The entire process takes roughly 30 minutes. I believe it is still worthwhile even if you don’t desire this specific pet.

How to use Knowledge Transfer

I want to explain you how to use knowledge transfer to level a character up automatically to level 50. You will receive the task “Nothing is impossible for Cykins”. Ince you have completed your vern narrative missions and your fortress is at least level five. Once you’ve completed that, your island will have access to this cute robot friend. As a result, you will need to go through the opening few minutes of the story in order to unlock songs before bringing the character you wish to level to 50 to the island. Following that, you can use the song of hearth and home to teleport to the fortress by playing it. You merely need to engage with the robot here after that to start the leveling process for that character up to 50.

It takes eight hours and 600 gold to complete the entire operation. You can continue to use that level 50 character during that period. These two characters’ levels do not change; they are just both raised to level 50. Up until level 50, you can do this once per character. Since you already have your main pass and the two Powerpasses, you get three passes for free. However, you may only use this promotion nine times per account in total. You can return to the island as that low-level character after those eight hours are up, and the knowledge transfer will be finished. You’ll be given item level 302 and placed in north Ven. It only completes the main plot tasks for that character, just like when you used the Powerpass on them.

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