How to use Saryn in Warframe?

by Dealon Brounx
How to use Saryn in Warframe
How to use Saryn in Warframe

I want to discuss how to use Saryn in Warframe. For whatever reason, there are a lot of questions about so much damage with Sarym, which just kind of communicates to me that not a lot of people know how to play. I don’t really know why, because in my opinion, she’s pretty straightforward for him, but a lot of people seem to need her to be explained.

What exactly is Saryn in Warframe?

So Sarym is a damage dealer right first and foremost. She has some of her abilities which buff up her damage in some ways, but you have to kind of look at Sarym as a really good DPS frame where the damage skills the more active you are with your abilities, right? So the longer your abilities are up, or your ability to be more specific, the longer your ability is up, the more damage you’re gon na be dealing, which is really good. You’re gonna need to skill up because the harder the enemies get to kill, the more damage you’re gon na need. So if your ability is on the enemy for a long time, then you’re gon na be dealing a lot more damage right. So I have two different bilds to explain to you.

How to deal with Saryn

She’s mainly based around modding for higher strength Empire range, but duration is sprinkled in there as well because a few of her abilities benefit from duration, such as the buff on her free which adds toxin damage to all of your weapons. The range was created to demonstrate how well these spores can spread because their first ability is called spores. put the spores on the bad guys and then you pop the spores by either killing an enemy or using a weapon like the Ignis to pop them. Then these spores are going to spread to all the enemies within the pyro range.

So the more pyro range you have on, then the more enemies the spores are gonna spread to you

Also, the longer these spores are on the enemies, the more damage you’re gonna deal. So with the pyro range built, your damage comes up a lot faster, but they’re not infecting as many enemies, so you have to do a little bit more work, but with the pyro range built. For example, on my pyre strength build, the decay on the spores is much lower right, so whenever the spores go off a target or like all the enemies, it’s not active on any enemies, the damage will begin to decay, and I believe the spire strengths that you have on are the same.

The lower the plier strength you have, the faster your spores decay. So you want to be modding for pirate rank to keep the camera up, which is why it’s important. So, like, if you think about it, because of the damage skills, you’d think that you don’t really need to necessarily mod for higher strength. If the spores are removed for any reason, for example, all the fire bubbles affect the enemies in some way, you know the type of thing, so having a mixture of range strength and duration is kind of what you’re going for, as in these builds.

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