Ice Maze Island – Lost Ark Guide

by Dealon Brounx
ice maze island lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of obtaining the heart of Ice Maze Island in Lost Ark here in this article.

Where to find Ice Maze Island in Lost Ark

Ice Maze Island can be found in in the northern part of the Eastern sea. Because of its location in a region of the ocean characterized by low temperatures, a vessel that can withstand chilly conditions is recommended for travel to the island.

It is necessary to have whale oil in order to traverse this island and reach its interior. It is possible to acquire whale oil on Notos island, which is also known as the whale island. This is by far the most convenient location for obtaining whale oil. Additionally, the first quest’s original quest giver is the one who needs whale oil for the lights. This is the case with the first quest. Now, you can purchase whale oil in and of itself at any of the passing merchant boats, well, maybe not any of them, but certain ones; the boats require pirate coins as payment. It doesn’t cost much at all.

How to get Ice Maze Island Token

ice maze isle map

Once you enter this map, you will be placed in an unpredictable location. So you will no longer have access to your personal map. Consequently, the first thing that you need to do is determine where you now are. When you initially arrive on the island with the ice maze, the first thing you must do is locate your spawn spot. I may provide you the piece of advice to pay attention to the walls you’re in. That should provide you with sufficient information to determine where you currently are. You can always respawn and try again if you can’t figure out how to proceed.

Once you have determined your location, you can initiate the quest by traveling to any of the purple places and speaking to the NPC there. One anxious sheep can be found in each of the purple areas. Speak with them in order to obtain the task. Your objective in this section is to beat the clock and move the raccoon to the middle of the map as quickly as possible.

Following that, you will need to have a conversation with Rancher Nuboss in order to complete the mission. Following that, you will need to have a conversation with Sheperd Rahah, and if you do it successfully, you will be awarded with the heart of the ice maze island. You also receive a masterpiece for Sunflower Island, which requires you to obtain ten masterpieces, and a huge heart for Vista’s quest, which requires you to obtain three giant hearts. Both of these rewards are included in this package. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below if you found this article to be useful.

Where are Ice Maze Isla Mokoko Seeds

In addition to that, this island is home to five mokoko seeds. One of them is quite challenging to acquire. The location at which you can locate this mokoko seed is not far away. You can only reach that location if you utilize the Song of Escape and keep going back within the island until you spawn in that particular area.

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