In Apex Legends, how can you get Heirloom Shards?

by Dealon Brounx

After unlocking my third random heirloom shard this year and six heirlooms overall, I figured I would share my tips and tricks with you. First off, there are only two guaranteed ways to get heirloom shards in Apex Legends. One is by my complete chance and the other is by collection event drops.

At the time of new Heirloom release, every pack and heirloom has a certain percent chance of being unlocked in the game of Apex Legends. They actually provide that here on the apex packs page in reference to the rarity of the items. The probability of at least one rare or better item is 100 percent. 24.8 percent of all items are epic or better items, while legendary items account for 7.4 percent.

So, you are guaranteed at least one legendary item drop for every 30 packs when you actually go to purchase the pack. You can see more in-depth information contains three items from possible item categories. At least one legendary every 30 packs, like mentioned probability of at least one item rare or better. 100 epic or better, 24 legendary. Not all chances are the same and you no longer follow a rule in regards to heirloom shards to get into that.

Heirloom Shards

How you can actually get Apex Legends heirloom shards in 2022?

Starting off with one of my secret tips for getting heirloom shards, my big tip for getting better cosmetics in this game and having a better chance at getting heirloom shards is to craft smaller items. By crafting smaller items, you remove them from the pool of options. The things that you unpack from Apex packs, open packs do not get replaced in the pool of odds with crafting materials. If you’ve unlocked five or eight skins, you will have those items statistically replaced with crafting materials.

The chances of you getting an heirloom are still the same.

It minimizes the waste of your packs that go towards your chances overall with an heirloom. So by crafting cheaper items to get them out of the way, you still remove many silly items from the odds. On top of that, you have the ability to stockpile more crafting materials. While still removing more common cosmetic items from the game to increase your chances, even if it’s just a little bit, you add the probability that you’ll get more crafting materials in return as well.

If you craft more common items to get them out of the way, it does not mean you will eventually just run out of items and replace them. By crafting a common item, it doesn’t just immediately replace it in the pool of odds. Then it will always do that time and time again. By eliminating a larger percentage of the most common skins with crafting, you get more crafting back in the long run.

Overall, that is how I typically find myself with thousands of crafting materials. On top of already having crafted loads of common items that I won’t be wasting my packs on. So, in short, saving crafting is a great idea for collection events. I would highly suggest just simply eliminating the cheapest common items in the game. Often to get them out of the way, you don’t waste packs on them. You get more crafting in return, and it still eliminates. Even, if it’s a small fraction of a percentage of items that you will unlock for an heirloom shard.

But there’s the only good way to to obtain Heirloom Shards

The only way you can guarantee yourself an heirloom from Apex Legends – heirlooms from events. If you had just bought all the packs outright and just bought every cosmetic, you would have spent around 170 on that heirloom and all the cosmetics involved as well.

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