Invisible glitch in Warzone

by Dealon Brounx

Invisible glitch in Warzone

Invisible glitch in Warzone. For the most part, this does work in Plunder; it does not work in Rebirth Resurgence, nor does it work in the actual regular more zone modes. For the most part, this does work after the latest patch. So what you are going to want to do is go ahead and do exactly what I said if you are on PS4.

If you’re on Xbox one, you to want to go ahead and go into your internet settings.

Go to where it says set up internet connection, and once you are prompted up, whether it’s wireless or wired, just go ahead and choose whatever you are using right now, click on automatic, and once it gets to the DHCP hostname just go ahead and go down to where it says specify and put in 1200. 

Once you have put that number in, just click on next and just skip through everything else to get to your test internet connection. Once you’ve tested your internet connection, you are all good to go. Just go ahead and load up warzone. Once you do load up warzone, go into the actual like warzone main menu and once you click on plunder, you’re gon na go ahead and actually use your bumpers on your controller to just move up around through either the battle pass to the store to your weapons and to your operators and all that stuff in your challenges.

So you can keep spamming it over and over again.

You also want to pay attention to what it says on the top of your screen, so you can keep spamming it over and over again, but once it says “match started loading level,” you want to keep doing it for about a good 15 seconds or less or a little bit more, but once you’re done with that, you want to go ahead and actually spam your home button and circle.

If you’re on Xbox, but you want to just keep spamming your home button and, uh, back button at the same time, because what you have to do is actually lag yourselves back into the actual main menu. Also, if you want to just keep doing it over and over again, it’s going to look a little trippy and probably give you a headache later, but once you notice that you are loading into the game as you see here, what should happen?

If you have done invisible glitch in Warzone correctly, you should see the match in progress up on the top of your screen. You should see it glitched out background and moments later you should see the actual helicopters moving by in the background. If you’ve done this correctly, and you are going to be invisible, is if you kind of respawn in and you see your fist pop out. Once you see your fists pop out, all you have to do right after that is just wait until they disappear. Once they disappear, just go ahead and click on whatever class you want to use. After, load into the game you will be 100 invisible from everyone in the lobby.

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