Is Genshin Impact Multiplayer Game?

by Dealon Brounx
is genshin impact multiplayer

Genshin Impact is the ultimate vehicle to play with your friends. It is an open-world action-adventure game that has a focus on a party of four combining elements together to overcome obstacles and enemies. It can be played on mobile, PC or consoles and offers cross-play, meaning no matter which platform you choose, you can still play with your friends at launch in 2020. The co-op mode felt like an afterthought with several systematic design choices holding it back. Genshin Impacts co-op felt unnecessary and irrelevant? Has Genshin Impact’s co-op improved for the better with almost two years of feedback and constant updates? We’ll try to answer this questions.

Genshin’s Impact co-op types overview

There are three modes of multiplayer Genshin Impact: parallel co-op, step-by-step co-op, and simultaneous co-op. To better explain these modes of cooperative play, a game focused on the cooperative experience.

How did developers go about designing for two players? They break it down into three types of co-ops. Genshin Impact has something called “parallel co-op,” which is basically just playing your own single-player game with someone else. It also has “step-by-step co-op,” which is when one player does something that lets another player do something. It kind of goes back and forth, and the third one is in Genshin Impact. It’s like simultaneous co-op, where both players have to act at the same time. Developers wanted all of these to be different, and it’s hard to get the timing right in co-op, which is something we care a lot about.

What kind of multiplayer does Genshin Impact provide

The answer to this question is very important, because everyone has their own opinion about which mode of co-op they like best. Some people like simultaneous co-op games because they force the players to talk to each other and work together. If not, they will fail. This room for error can lead to tension and frustration, but it can also bring people together through a shared struggle. That is not to say parallel co-op and step-by-step co-op are lesser inexperiences. It’s a combination of all three makes for a truly great co-op experience and that’s probably the best way to state it. I think Genshin Impact at launch was held back by leaning in on too much of one type of co-op and not the other two.

Issues with Genshin Impact multiplayer

One of the biggest problems is that the host player can’t talk to any NPCs or objects in the world that can lead to a quest while they’re exploring in co-op. At first, this may seem like a minor annoyance because you can just tell your friends to leave your world for a few minutes while you pick up the quest, turn in the quest, or move a little bit past this quest step. However, if you do this a lot, it does start to affect the way you play the game. Also, since it’s an open-world adventure game, if you can’t pick up a quest or talk to some NPCs while you’re in co-op mode, you might not even realize you’re missing something. That means that, at best, you’ll have to tell your friends to leave every time you see something a little bit strange, or, at worst, you’ll miss out on a lot of content and have to do the same things you’ve already done without the excitement of first-time exploration.

Genshin Impact multiplayer in 2022

Genshin Impact Chasm
The Chasm is a location in Liyue

These are some of the new content that just dropped in Genshin Impact in 2022. The most notable addition is the Chasm, a massive new zone with a new boss and all sorts of other goodies. Yes, there were still many quests where you could just talk to someone and be stuck in a cutscene. While the co-op partner has to wait, the host can watch entire cutscenes. Pick up a quest, move a quest forward, and even finish some quests without having to drop out of co-op.There are still some issues with turning in items to npcs. You cannot submit items in co-op. This seems to be a technical limitation of how the developers coded the game and their inventory system. 

But I do think Genshin Impact Co-op is great in 2022. If you enjoy parallel co-op, if you enjoy simultaneous co-op, or step-by-step co-op, Genshin Impact is getting there in 2022. I can’t really recommend this game yet if you’re looking for challenging content to do with your friends. But if you want a game that you can play with your friends and talk about with them all the time, you can always talk about team compositions or character builds or a hidden secret on the map or even the latest events that are coming out. It’s a live service game and the story is always getting built up. The co-op experience is still optional in 2022.

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