Is Warzone cross-platform in 2022?

by Dealon Brounx
Is Warzone cross platform

Is Warzone cross-platform in 2022? Yes! Warzone is Warzone cross-platform game. Maybe you know something about that console players claim that pc gamers ruined the crossplay experience and want console only lobbies. This means that basically in cross-platform console lobbies it’s xbox and ps5s only, so I guess playstations and xbox have no pc’s whatsoever and it made me wonder how much advantage PCs actually have over consoles and would this actually work 

Which are the advantages of a PC over a console?

More money means more power, but it’s true that consoles have always been beneath PCs in terms of graphic performance and just overall aesthetics of games, with ray tracing being extremely good looking on PC versus console. It’s a no-brainer that PCs are going to have the best graphics. This isn’t really becoming an issue so much anymore, but it’s more of an outdated issue and this is fov.

The reason that fov is such a big advantage on pc is because you literally change the area that you can see on your pc, so you can see wider if you want to, whereas on console you’re stuck at 80. If you’re playing a call of duty game, this means that players are going to be able to see more and react faster because they have higher refresh rate monitors, or just higher refresh rate hardware in the first place. With higher frames per second, they will have an upscaled advantage over consoles.

It’s ridiculous that console players are locked at that 80 fov while PC players are at 120.

There’s a clear advantage that PC players have and, of course, there still isn’t any fov slider added to Warzone yet for consoles. However, on Cold War there is an fov slider, so console players can have that fov advantage if they choose to do so. However, that will decrease the frames that they get, but that’s another thing consoles only get 60 frames max.

I guess if you get the new generation, which is the Xbox One X or series X and the PS5, you can go up to about 90-120 fps, so you’ll just drop fps there at kind of like mid-tier PC graphics, so PC will have the advantage. Fov sliders are being added to those games, and I believe they were added to several games prior to Call of Duty.

Also, I guess keyboard and mouse versus controller is the whole aim assist versus superior control and here’s where I come in with my personal experience when cross platform was introduced into gaming during the Fortnite days. So, we would always be put up against PC players and we were always able to hold our own and win games super easily, so we didn’t notice a huge advantage that the PC had over us with their keyboard and mouse. Sure, we had a little bit of aim assist but they had superior building skills. That’s just how it worked. We kind of expected that and we didn’t find anything like that in Warzone.

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