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by Dealon Brounx
island of mist lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of acquiring the Soul of the Island of Mist in Lost Ark here in this article.

How to find Island of Mist in Lost Ark

The island of mist can be found quite a distance to the east of Feiton. Even though it is a PvP island, most players only come here to do the quests and don’t bother with the actual PvP aspect of the island. After completing all of the objectives on this island, the player will be rewarded with access to the Island of Mist Soul. These tasks will award you with a substantial amount of pirate coins, chests. Also, card packs ranging from uncommon to legendary, and silver.

How to get Island of Mist Soul

Complete the yellow task as soon as you arrive on the island. Once you have finished it, you will need to complete six secret quests. There are three of them lying around on the ground, while the other three can be obtained as loot from a variety of monsters. Bosses are the types of monsters that are responsible for dropping quest goods. The crown poison spider has a more painful sting.

When you have everything you need, right-click each item, and then select “Accept Quest”. When you have finished reading all of the notes, a purple quest will become available to you. The island of mist soul will be a reward for completing that quest. There will occasionally be a cooperation request. However, it seems to award only a little amount of roster xp and silver. Thus it is really not worth your time to complete it.

In addition, there is a dealer here who sells seamen of relic grade for your various vessels. You can purchase the air of the abuse from the ship trader in the port of Punika for the price of 8016 sun coins. In exchange for one tear of the abuse per sailor. In addition, you will receive Tier 2 Abyss as a reward for completing either 40 or 44 c bounties. Although these sailors might appear to be pricey at first glance. They are the absolute best there are and are well worth the investment.

Lost Ark’s Island of Mist Mokoko Locations

On this island, there are a total of six mokoko seeds to be found. The following is a rundown of the locations: two of them need that you play the song “Forest Minuet,” and that’s about it. In addition, the island of mist soul is given to you when you purchase the lost ark. Please don’t forget to leave a remark at the bottom of this page.

Lost Ark’s Island of Mist Quest Bug

Lost Ark’s Island of Mist Quest List

There is also the potential for an issue with the Soul of the Island of Mist. Therefore, you will complete all six missions for the Island of Mist in order to receive the last purple task, which may or may not be revealed. There are two different ways that this issue could be resolved. The first scenario is that you have soul, but you are unaware that you cannot check “island soul” off the collectibles list by pressing Alt+L before you have given island soul to Opher on the Lonely Island. The second option is that you do not successfully finish the last task. It’s possible that today will be the last day you can unlock “A Bad Prank.” On the image that is located above, you will find a complete list of quests.

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