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by Dealon Brounx
island of time lost ark

In this piece, I’m going to walk you through the steps required to acquire the token for the Island of Time in Lost Ark.

Far to the south of West Luterra is where you’ll find the island of time. It can be found in the Trinitas Sea. Additionally, the best way to complete this island is with a group or a high item level.

How to Get Island of Time Token in Lost Ark

On this island, the goal is to fish some magic jars. You then look to see if the description of the jars states that you cannot see what’s inside the mysterious jar. When you catch one of these and it says “you caught this instead of a fish,” you know you have the wrong kind. It’s possible that this quest has a bug that prevents it from accepting your jar. But other than that, it’s not too complicated.

You can take jars to any of the circles that are dispersed across the map. Once you have the appropriate jar, an NPC there will smash the jar for you. After that, a boss known as Savnak will appear. The token for the island in the middle of time may be dropped by this boss. In addition, there can be no more than one boss active at any given time.

Although it is recommended that you have a party or join a random group, doing so is not required if you arrive at the island and find a group already engaged in combat with the boss. You don’t even have to fish. Therefore, if another group is competing for control of this map, all you have to do is wait in the circle until your boss spawns. Therefore, all it takes is for you to join the fight and defeat the boss for you to be eligible for the extremely lucky chance to obtain the token right away.

Lost Ark’s Island of Time Mokoko Seeds

In addition, there are five mokoko seeds that call this island home. You need to play “Song of Resonance” in order to complete the first two of them. In the eastern portion of the island is where you will find these mokoko seeds. Therefore, you must perform a song of resonance in close proximity to a stone statue. Following that, the previously concealed entrance will become accessible, and you will be given salt. The north-central region of the island is home to the next two Mokoko Seeds that can be explored. They have chosen to sleep in either of the two tents.

The final one is concealed on the eastern side of the island, close to where the two docks are located. In the event that your fishing rod breaks, there are two vendors selling various life skills tools available on the island. This concludes the walkthrough for obtaining the island token for the Island of Time in Lost Ark.

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