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by Dealon Brounx
liebeheim lost ark

In this article, I want to give you a guide for Lost Ark Liebeheim. I’ll explain you how you do the Liebeheim questlines. Where you get the Shy emote and The Serenade of Love song.

Where Is Liebeheim in Lost Ark

Libeheim is located north of Luterra Island. Island Soul is the final reward for reaching max level of rapport with the Future Millionaires Zenri. He is unlocked for rapport after doing the purple questline on this island, which will take you sailing to lots of different places. You also need to have 30 charisma and 20 kindness.

How to get Liebeheim Island Soul

In the island, go north to talk with Lovestruck Zenri. Then read the letter and proceed to talk to scenery. You’ll answer a lot of questions. It doesn’t really matter what you pick here. Finish the quest and check the next one. It will send you to Aiwana Island to meet Handsome Ronald. You can use Song of Scape here to get out of the island faster. Sail to Iwana Island, which is just slightly southeast of Liebeheim.

When you arrive, talk to Handsome Ronald he will ask you to talk with women on vacation. Find women with names and go on holiday with them until you’re done. After you’re done, Ronald will reward you. Shy emote. You’ll have to use it on a woman. I get back to Ronald. Then click on the book cage to write a letter to scenery and get back to Ronald. When you are done, he will send you to the frozen sea in Shushire.

It’s probably faster to go to the port in east Luterra and take your taxi up to the frozen sea. When you arrive, teleport here and talk to Mark. He will send you out to rescue a woman. Run to her, kill every banish around her, and talk to her. When done, go back and talk to Beastman Mark.

Beastman Mark quest

Now go back to Mark. Read the letter, write a letter to Zenri at the bird cage, and talk to Mark again. He will send you to Runaways Island to find three legendary relationship experts. Take the taxi to Arthetine ; that’s the closest port to Runaway Island.

When you arrive, find the experts on this island. When you have done that, talk to Nova, read the letter, go to the birdcage to write to scenery, and talk to Nova again. It doesn’t matter what you pick here, now you have to go all the way back to Senri again. Return to the literary ether time tax and sail from there. When you arrive, talk to scenery. He will reward you with the serenade of love and give you another quest where you have to play the song for the girl he has crushed on. When she utterly rejects him, senior will come up with some ideas. You have to express negative fear, so just write slash negative in the chat. He will give you another quest as he needs some time alone. Go to the library in Luterra Castle and find four books of love on the shelf. When you have done that, talk to a librarian. That’s how you finish the liebeheim questline.

Liebeheim Island Rewards

The last two quests will reward you with the song “Serenade of Love,” great masterpiece number 13 and the emote “Shy.” Reaching the max level of rapport with Zenri will take about 28 days if you don’t use any gifts. Other rewards you get from Zenry are 3000 silver providence stones and an uncommon Zenri card. There are two mokoko seeds located on this island. That was Liebeheim Lost Ark Guide.

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