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by Dealon Brounx
lopang island lost ark

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps required to acquire the Lopang island soul in Lost Ark.

The Lopang island can be found to the east of North Vern, not far from Pleccia. If you’re looking for a good place to farm some silver, this island is your best bet. It’s also the place where you can board the Brahms ship, so keep that in mind.

How to Get Lopang Island Soul in Lost Ark

As soon as you are on this island’s shore, begin working through the yellow quest line. It is very easy up until the point where you have to use an item on a Hopping box, at which point it becomes more complicated. You will therefore be given a quest in which you will be required to capture Hopping Boxes that are located on this island.

In the western region of the island is where you will find the Hopping box. You can complete one of the six unique daily quests for this island that are part of Una’s Task. Each of these quests has a similar objective, which is to retrieve the shipment. After that, you take it where it needs to go and are rewarded with silver for your efforts.

The amount of silver you receive depends on your item level. If you have a higher item level, you will receive a greater amount of silver. You will need to complete the same delivery daily quest six times in order to obtain the Lopang island soul. After that, you may be offered a purple quest, completing which will cause this island soul to rewatch your progress. It is also necessary to finish all of the yellow quests before beginning the purple one in order to receive it.

How to Get More Silver on Lopang Island

If you have a Crystalline Aura, which grants you additional bifrost slots, you can quickly and easily farm silver each day from these daily quests, making it a good source of passive income. After that, you configure the bifrost slots to connect to the ports of Arthetine, North Vern, and Shushire. If you have an additional slot for the bifrost, which you obviously do here on Lopang island as well, what you want to do is teleport to this location on Lopang island. You can get your silver by picking up the quests, using your bifrost to quickly teleport to different continents, and then completing the quests you were given. The amount of silver that was distributed by Arthetine, Shushire, and North Vern was greater than that distributed by Luterra, Tortoyk, and Anikka.

Lost Ark’s Lopang Island Mokoko Seeds

Additionally, there are three mokoko seeds hidden somewhere on this island. The location of the first Mokoko seed can be found in the middle of the map’s left side. When you get there, there will be two NPCs waiting for you in the barn. The actual building that houses the Lopan Office is the location of the final two Mokoko Seeds. After entering the building, you should immediately proceed to the room at the very far end of the structure that contains the computer. Both types of Mokoko seeds can be found at that location. That brings us to the end. Thats how to obtain the Lopang island soul in Lost Ark.


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