Lost Ark: Argos

by Dealon Brounx
Lost Ark: Argos

Lost Ark: Argos. I want to talk about the time stands for faster understanding and also put in the main mechanics. 

Lost Ark: Argos Phase 1 Guide

If you are a moon, almond attacks don’t affect you and vis-versia, if you are a sun, if under your feet is orange, that means your sun argos will teleport to the middle and if you are a moon, go to the moon circle and if you are a sun, go to the sun circle. These mechanics happen twice at seventy percent and thirty percent each. To avoid confusion, assign each party member and for different directions after the mechanics, you have two options. The first is to balance the attack on the boss. Both the moon and the sun must make the bus neutral. In the second avoid attacking at all until the white circle disappears. Also note, after the mechanics, if you are the moon, you will be the sun and vice versa.

Also, I want to talk about some annoying Argos mechanics.

I will start with the one that can be one shot. You first use sound for this one. You will hear Argos roar. Of course, if you are a moon, go to the moon one. If you’re a sun, go to sun. Sometimes he does it three times instead of only two. The bus will throw back to the middle and you need to remember the pattern. Or if you have a big shield,

The patterns always end here for the moon and sun again. The mechanics again. This time I am the moon. The boss spawns on a circle. If you are the sun, then go out from time to time or you will take huge damage once the yellow power ends. Go to the sun area. If the moon should go to the moon area, these orbs are twenty percent attack buff. If you didn’t take them, they will become aoe that damages the sun team. Of course, if they are blue, stay away. If the horn glows like the moon, stay near the boss.

If Argos rotates his head, stay near the box; if Argos is dead or lying, also stay near the bus. Generally, avoid facing Argos or staying behind him because he will either use lasers or hit you. Instead, stand by his side unless you are a gun lancer or back attack class reward for the first clear.


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