Lost Ark – Astray Building Guide

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark astray

In this article, I’m going to explain to you how to get the Astray into the Lost Ark. In spite of the fact that it requires a lot of time and a significant amount of pirate coins to acquire, the Astray ship is considered to be one of the best ships in the game. I wouldn’t recommend getting Astray if you already have the Ghost Ship. It is because of how many pirate coins it costs, but we’ll get to that in a bit. For now, just know that I wouldn’t recommend it.

How To Build the Astray in Lost Ark

In Blackfang’s Den, you can build the Astray ship. It is imperative that you speak with Belrod, the Astray ship builder. In order to build it, you need to have five different items.

This is a list of Astray requirements in The Lost Ark:

  • Astray Construction Blueprint
  • Astray Operation Manual
  • Certificate of Pirate
  • 375 Uncommon Ship Parts Material
  • 570 Timber

How to get Astray Construction Blueprint in Lost Ark

The first thing you’ll need is an Astray Construction Blueprint, and you can get one of these by completing the daily quest “She Drifts: Sea Gifts” associated with Una’s task. This will earn you the final reputation reward for completing the quest. In order to complete this quest, you will need to take part in the sailing competition. If you have already completed this quest, it will take you 25 days to reach the highest possible reputation. You are able to finish this task once per day by using the task instant completion ticket that Una gave you previously. Please keep in mind that in order for the instant completion ticket to be valid, you must have already finished this quest at least once.

How to get Astray Operation Manual in Lost Ark

The Astray Operation Manual is the second component of what you require. This particular one is a reward for completing the quest that can be bought from Mariner Rosa in Blackfang’s Den for a total cost of 300,000 pirate coins. That’s a significant quantity of coins. If you already have the cost of the ship, then it is not at all worthwhile to spend this amount on another ship that is probably only slightly better in terms of speed.

How to get Astray Certificate of Pirate in Lost Ark

The Certificate of Pirate status is the third thing that must be possessed. This is the final reputation reward that can be earned from completing the daily quest titled “Pest Control” given by Una. In order to complete this quest, you must either defeat five red shark pirates or Captain Lorka herself. Approximately once every 15 minutes, these will appear in Blackfang’s Den. When you are doing this, you ought to do it with a few other people. It is due to the fact that they will perish relatively quickly. Your chances of getting credit for the kill go up significantly when you’re part of a group. In addition, it will take you one week and fifteen days to achieve the highest possible reputation.

The final things you require are 570 Timber and 375 Uncommon Ship Parts Material. Both of these can be found in the forest. You can purchase these items from the marketplace if you do not already have them in your possession. Once you have gathered all of the necessary items, you can then speak with Belrod to claim your pirate ship. This is how to get the Astray in Lost Ark.


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