Lost Ark – Gorgon’s Nest Mokoko Seeds

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark gorgon's nest mokoko

In this article, I’ll give you information about the locations of the Gorgon’s Nest mokoko seeds in Lost Ark. You can find a dungeon known as Gorgon’s Nest, if you travel to the North Vern continent and explore the Vernese Forest. This dungeon is located on the top right side of the forest. In order to gain access to it, you will first need to finish the world quest Qualifications to Enter Balankar, which is located in North Vern. As soon as you enter it, you will see that there are a total of eight mokoko seeds hidden inside.

Gorgon’s Nest Mokoko Seeds Locations

gorgons nest lost ark
Map of the Gorgon’s Nest in Lost Ark

Check the first cavity on the left after entering the interior for the first time. Directly in front of the large rusted cannon is where you will find the first mokoko seed.

To obtain the next seed, you will need to travel further into the Troll Habitat until you reach its conclusion. To be more specific, it is in the confined space on the top right side. There, you must vanquish each and every foe that you will come across in this area. Then make your way to the bottom right side of it, where there are two trees. Here you will find a wall between them. Find a way to breach the barrier. You need to retrieve the second mokoko seed from that location, which is immediately to the bottom right of the arrow.

After that, make use of the arrow in order to move on to the next area to investigate. You will find the third mokoko seed in the top left corner of the box, where there is a slight overhang. After that, navigate your way to the area’s bottom right corner. You will be able to gather the fourth seed after you have vanquished the foes that are located in this area.

After that, keep moving forward until you reach the Cliff Paths. You are required to check the top right passage of it here once more. Also, you are required to vanquish every single enemy that you encounter in this area. This will cause an arrow to become visible close to the upper central overhang. Utilize it in order to get to a hidden passage at the end of it on the left side, which is where the fifth mokoko seed is located.

The next Mokoko seed can be found right around here as well. You will find the sixth seed directly in front of the pink crystal at the end of its path.

You need to continue exploring the cliff path area. This time you need to explore the final location on the top left side of that area. The seventh one requires you to do this. You will see a river running through the middle of it, and at the very end of the river on the right, you will locate the mokoko seed.

In order to complete the eighth and final one, it is now time to travel to the location of the final blue arrow on the map, but you must ignore it. You can get the last mokoko seed by going to the bottom of it and looking in front of the mountain wall for it. In fact, you’ll find it there. That is how to find all of the Lost Ark Gorgon’s Nest mokoko seeds. If you’re looking for other mokoko seed locations on the North Vern, check out Parna Forest Mokoko Seeds Locations



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