Lost Ark – Return Trip Guide

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark return trip

I’m going to walk you through the process of completing Lost Ark Return Trip quests here in this article. Return Trip is located in the ​​Rohendel. In order to access quests, you must finish the continent’s main storyline.

Strange and Magical Book Quest

This quest will be the first in the Lost Ark Return Trip guide. Go to Lake Shiverwave first. In the center of the map’s bottom side, directly across from this place, you must travel to the Bambiri Settlement. You need to get to the bottom right corner of the screen because there is a building opening there.

Use the item in your inventory first, then talk to the woman who is seated on the floor in front of the bed. Open your map once you’re finished, and you’ll see that the next objective is a little to the top left of where you last saw it. Another lady can be found here who you can speak with to finish the quest’s goal. Once finished, use the Sylvaine settlement in the map’s upper right corner.

The Book of Time Quest

The following action is to go to Elzowin’s Shade. The Forgotten Beach is located on its top left side, which is the exact starting point. Next, you must travel to the top right station of the river passage. You’ll see a carpet on the ground here that you can interact with to begin the quest known as The Book of Time. Reading the book you have for the quest is the first task.

Then, return to the Forgotten Beach in the top left corner of the map, and follow the blue arrows there until you reach all but one area. When you arrive, a rounded yellow arrow will be on the ground. Use the book you have for the quest while standing on top of it. This will complete the task, and by pressing the button for the ongoing quest, you can also finish the quest.

The Magick Grimoire Quest Walkthrough

The next step is to go to Breezesome Brae and start at the bottom side, which is where you can find the Breezesome Brae report. Explore the area beneath that report location next. There, you’ll find a number of friends and magic construct foes that you can kill to find a soft construct fragment item.

Once this happens, use it to start the Magick Grimoire quest for the first item if you need to use the crystal you have in your inventory. Then, head to the Fairy Village in the upper central part of the map from where you need to go set it to the right side from the portion vendor Pafri you will find here. From there, you can complete the objective right away by speaking with the Fairy Pafri you will find here after you reach the area below that.

Once you have five of them, the goal will be accomplished. Once finished, you must return to the Breezesome Brae in the bottom left corner of the map and move a little to the left of it in order to speak with the mage and find the blacksmith. The quest’s goal will be updated here, so check back often. After that, use the item for the quest in front of him and speak with him to finish the quest.

The Grimoire in the Fire Quest

The next step requires you to continue exploring Breezesome Brae, but this time start from the Fairy Village report in the upper-center portion of the map. From there, you must check the center of the area across from the Dandelion Station, where you will see a shining book that you must interact with in the middle of the fire. You can start the Grimoire in the Fire quest by doing this. If you found this guide to be helpful, please let us know in the comments section down below.

Utilizing the item provided for the quest is typically the first step. Next, you must move to the breeze some right report in the bottom left corner of the area. From there, you must move slightly to the left and find the NPC known as Mage Mafeer. Speaking with the mage at this location will allow you to finish the quest.

What Remains in the Ruins Walkthrough

The next step requires you to travel to the Xeneela Ruins, specifically start from its right side near the Breezesome Brae portal that is to the left. There, you will see a quest icon that you must travel to. Once there, you will find an NPC named Escaped Bambiri Taru sitting on the ground in front of a destroyed cart.

This will enable you to begin the quest What Remains in the Ruins, which requires you to kill a number of strange creatures nearby the quest giver. After completing this, move a little to the left to arrive at the Bambiri Village. The Bambiri Chief Batum, who can help you finish the quest you started earlier, can be found in the area’s center. That was the Lost Ark – Return Trip guide. If you found this guide to be helpful, please let us know in the comments section down below.


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