Lost Ark – Riza Falls Mokoko Seeds Locations

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark riza falls mokoko seeds

In this article, I’ll give you information about the locations of the Lost Ark Riza Falls Mokoko Seeds. Frieza Falls is the last location of the Arthetine on the continent, and inside it are 10 mokoko seeds.

Riza Falls Mokoko Seeds locations

Lost Ark Riza Falls Mokoko Seeds Locations

To find the first, start at the bottom left corner of the map, close to the Stern portal. From there, you can travel to the second dark spot, which is right in front of your eyes and contains the dead tree. You will now be able to correct the initial mokoko seed.

Start your journey for the second from the location to the right of the stern portal. You must first navigate the middle passage between the two dark spots to the right from here before moving on to the bottom dark spot. The space between the pipes is located here. To access the lower portion of this area, you must interact with a conveyor belt that is located here. To locate the second mokoko seed, look immediately to the top left.

The third mokoko seed is located in front of a metal bar in the next location, which is reached by climbing up from the bottom left. From here, turn left to locate a ladder that will enable you to exit the area.

Riza Falls Mokoko Seeds in the Whirlpool Observatory

Start with the next seed in the center of the map, close to the Whirlpool Observatory. Get to the area on the right side of the bottom-right dark spot from here. You will encounter a sizable hole here, and after navigating it, you will come across a crane. You can find a bush nearby, in front of several metal blocks. This seed is concealed inside this bush.

Return to the Whirlpool Observatory report in the middle of the map for the fifth time, but this time, start from the bottom left. Find the first dark spot to the left. In front of them are a number of enormous bones. The fifth mokoko seed can be found and obtained inside the bushes.

You must begin with the bottom left side connection area for the six. Once you have done that, look in the center of the left margins of this area. There, between the enormous cactuses and the sea, is a bush that contains the sixth mokoko seed.

Return to the center of the map near the Whirlpool Observatory to find the seven. You need to get to the upper right corner of the first study from here. There is a strange machine to the upper left, here close to the overhang, and free pipes are close by. The bush in front of the pipes contains the seventh mokoko seed.

Riza Falls Mokokos in the Red Sand Desert

For the eight, you must get to the area in the middle, between the Red Sand Desert portal and the Whirlpool Observatory report, where you must get to the upper entrance inside the dark spot. Ancient ruins can be found here, and the eight mokoko seeds can be found in front of the staircase that descends.

The upper cavity is located in the top left corner of the map, and to get there, you must first travel to the right side of the map, close to the Red Sand Desert portal. There is a sandfall here. Once you’re behind it, use the hidden passageway to travel all the way to the bottom left. The ninth mokoko seed can be found at the conclusion of this passage, in front of the sending torch.

Start from the area to the right of the iron gate to collect the final one, and rely on the report’s accuracy. Obtain the dead end there, top right. The entrance to the ruins is located here. The final mokoko seed of Rizza Falls can be found in front of this gate, on the left. That is how to find all of the Lost Ark Riza Falls Mokoko Seeds.


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