Lost Ark – The Sidereals Two Students Quest Guide

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark the sidereals two students

In this article, I’d like to discuss one of the quests associated with the Lost Ark – The Sidereals Two Students. I’ll walk you through all of the hidden locations and give you a complete guide to this Anikka story.

So, what exactly happened with sidereel two students ? Although the Sai who took Sidereel’s place had another brilliant pupil of his own, that student was not successful in becoming the subsequent Sidereel. Therefore, you should go to Jeok’s Barrier Dungeon and investigate the situation there.

How to complete The Sidereals Two Students in Lost Ark

You need to travel to the Melody Forest area. To be more specific, it is located on the right side of the map. You have to go there, in order to find this quest. You need to enter the Jeok’s Barrier dungeon. It is something that you can only do once you have finished a number of mine quests located across the continent.

The First Page

After entering, you will need to continue through the dungeon and ultimately vanquish the final boss in order to complete it. After you have vanquished it, utilize the staircase to the top left in order to proceed to the next area, which is located at the conclusion of this one. You will have the ability to interact with the ground directly in front of the tree, in the space between the stone rules.

You will have the opportunity to collect the first page as a result of taking this action, which will result in a buff that remains active for 29 minutes. From this page, we’ll find out that the Sidereel Sai condition worsened very quickly. One of the students inquired as to who would be the next sidereel. He thought that only he deserved to carry on and become the true Savior of Annika.

The Second Page

The next page that needs to be filled out is the second one, so look for that. Therefore, you should travel to the “Twilight Mists” area. It can be found in the upper portion of the map close to the Nimbus Cavern. You have no choice but to venture into the dungeon, and doing so will necessitate the conclusion of additional mining quests located elsewhere on the continent. You will be able to interact with something on the ground once you have traveled far enough to the right to reach the four arrows that point in that direction just before their locations. Then you will receive the second page as a reward for doing so. It will allow you to finish reading the hidden story you came for.

From the second page, we’ll find out the end of this story. We find out that the Sai did not select this student to be the next Sidereal. Instead, Wei was selected for this role. This student made the decision to poison the Sidereel Sai medicine because he did not want to come in second place. That is all about Lost Ark – Sidereals Two Students. If you found this guide to be helpful, please let us know in the comments section down below.


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