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by Dealon Brounx
metus island lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of acquiring the Metus Island Soul in Lost Ark in this article.

The Metus Island can be found in the Ashtrian Current Sea, to the east of the Rohendel.

How to Get Metus Island Soul

The Metus Island Soul is the ultimate prize that can be won by completing the purple quest line on this island. If you want to continue with the quest, there is a point where you need to have 200 courage in order to do so. You will take on the role of the investigator during the final portion of the quest. You will investigate what actually took place in Werner’s Grand Manor. The scenario is rather lengthy and tedious. If you die, you have to begin it all over again from the beginning; however, the story is still pretty cool.

“What did you see” Quest Guide

There are several sarcophagi strewn about the map that, when opened, will drop a recovery ether that can be used by the player to heal themselves. If you open one of these sarcophagi, you will receive the ether. If you care about those kinds of things, you should complete the three achievements listed below while you are playing through this scenario. The first objective is to locate the servants who escaped. The second one requires you to collect five pieces of eternity from the ground. One of them can be found in the lower level of the building. You might also be able to find some of these in other parts of the city.

Lost Ark Metus Island Quest Tips

If you are unable to pick them up, light the candles that surround them. Having said that, there is a slight issue with this. Having a light on or burning a candle can entice monsters to the area. If there are monsters, you should just keep running because you have a significant speed advantage over them. You need to activate the E skill in order to use a lattern. In order to banish ghosts, you must first illuminate them with the lattern skill and then press the Q button. Also, to avoid being attacked, you need to ensure that your timing is perfect before interacting with these objects. In addition, if you go down into this cellar, you will find a stone coffin that contains a cure for whatever ails you.

In order to complete the last achievement, you will need to collect torches, which serve as fuel for your lantern. Typically, you can get this from the candles and torches that you light up. After you have used a torch to light something, it will drop an orb that you can use to refuel your lattern. Additionally, you need to acquire three skills as quickly as possible because the butcher is getting closer and closer to you.

After that, you will need to entice every monster that is located in this basement and arrange them in a row before you can turn on the ultimate electric lattern. It will be easier for you to find a good timing if you move around in circles. The location of Pipros can be found at the very end of this map. Confront him to receive your rewards and the token for the island of Metus.

Lost Ark Metus Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

In addition, there are two mokoko seeds to be found on this island. The best place to find the Mokoko Seeds on Meetus Island is outside of the Dungeon. Just before you reach the Captain’s Quarters is where you’ll find the very first Mokoko Seed. The location of the second Mokoko seed is going to be somewhere near the top.

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