MH Rise Lazurite Jewel Farming

by Dealon Brounx
MH Rise Lazurite Jewel

When playing Rise 2.0, the Lazurite Jewel required for the new decorations are quite important, and you need a lot of them. Fortunately for you, there are several ways to obtain a large number of Lazurite jewels quickly.So, in this article, I want to give you the MH Rise Lazurite Jewel.

Lazurite jewels were added with the Chameleos update and they are required for decorations such as Master’s Touch, Spare Shot, Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost and many more. Now these decorations require either five or eight Lazurite Jewels to craft a single one of them. These jewels only drop from very specific quests in very limited quantities.

How to get more Lazurite Jewels?

The best at this time would be the Apex monsters, who can net you up to at least seven Lazurite jewels from just one hun. Now what if I told you that it’s also possible to get that in like five or six minutes? Yeah, suddenly that Lazurite problem isn’t as daunting. That means Apex monsters might actually be the best option for these jewels.

Hunt Apex Arzuros

Apex Arzuros

The Apex Arzuros can net you lots of Lazurite and quickly, since it is the easiest and, of course, weakest of the new apex regular hunts. The amount you get per run will vary. If you’re pulling five-minute hunts and getting an average of three jewels per, that’s around 18 jewles in 30 minutes. Even more if you’ve got good luck on your drops, so that’s not bad at all. As I just mentioned, these runs can be done in as fast as five minutes if you’re confident with the bow guns.

I was able to solo this hunt in roughly seven minutes on average. Then do it as a duo in roughly seven minutes. Even get a sub seven minute in one of my first runs as a four man. These times are only going to go down as I get more confident with the bowguns. You might already be good at them, which could be amazing for your hunt times.

You have to use a heavy bowgun to kill Apex Arzuros

Instead, to make this as easy as possible, you have to use a heavy bowgun build that is easy to acquire. Also, making maximum use of the sticky ammo, which has a chance to stun or knock down the Apex. From there, while knocked down, you will smash its face with the wyven ammo blast for huge damage and then just repeat this process until it’s dead. It’s easy.

What you’ll need to do? Your heavy bow gun of choice is the Tigrex Howl bowgun. This comes with the sticky effect rampage skill. Of course, the power barrel mod to make the most of these big hits and sticky shots. This heavy build gun is perfect due to the sticky ammo, the wyvern fire. Also, the high raw damage despite that minus 10 affinity. The key here is that that minus 10 affinity means nothing, because it doesn’t actually affect sticky ammo or wives and fire.

Other way to farm Lazurite Jewel in MH Rise

You have come into the gathering hub and talked to the hub maiden. You’re going to go into high rank and 7 star. You’re then going to scroll down to the graceful apex raytheon. The reason that I chose this, the three elder dragons or Apex Arzuros is because sometimes the elder dragons, especially chameleos, will drop two or less, whereas what I found with the Apexes is that they drop between two and five, sometimes more than that. Then the reason that I selected raytheon over Arzuros’s head is a lot easier to hit than Arzuros’s.

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