Most useful Potion Recipes for Skyrim

by Dealon Brounx
Potion Recipes for Skyrim

I want to talk about the most useful potion recipes in Skyrim. One day, when I know a lot more about the game, I might be able to tell you that these can change the outcome of many battles. Obviously, what’s useful or not depends on how you build your character and how you play. So the order might be a little bit random. However, there is one measurable factor for all of them, and that is the availability of the ingredients. That was the main reason I chose this order. I hope this can help some players who have never really doubled in alchemy. Alchemy is awesome and can make a huge difference. Needless to say, this is about the vanilla Skyrim. Depending on your mods and load order, your experience may be quite different and your opinions of what is useful can, of course, also be very different.

Magic Potion Recipes for Skyrim

The first one grants you invisibility, magic resistance, and health regeneration bonus. It is made with Luna moth wing nurn root and gleam blossom. As gleam blossom is a very rare quest and the potion will only be useful in certain situations. It makes sense that it should be number 10. Still, if your alchemy skill is high enough and you have good sneak skills, it can save your character. Also, help them escape, and re-enter sneak in a safe place where they can heal themselves. This will break the effect of invisibility. The regeneration and resistance will stay active for as long as the potion lasts.

Resistance Potion Recipes

Next is a useful potion granting resistance to all three elements in Skyrim. Unfortunately, it cannot be brewed without a hulk beak, which is annoying to get. You have to shoot real hawks out of the sky, and even then, it’s not a given that they’ll be carrying one. On the other hand, snowberries are easy to find, and dragonstone can be replaced by any other fire ingredient. Alchemists and apothecaries in Skyrim sometimes sell hulk beaks, so if you play the game for a long time, you have a good chance of getting a few. You can keep the potion specifically for the dungeons filled with various spellcasters. There are no storm dragons in vanilla Skyrim and the Droger usually use frost, so this one is a thing for a very special occasion.

This next potion is very useful for anyone who uses magic. It has two ingredients that don’t show up very often. It restores your magicka. Also, speeds up how fast it regenerates, and makes your magicka stronger when you’re in a long fight. Maybe you overestimated the power of your favorite wizard. This one can save your life. You need ectoplasm moon sugar and just baked grapes.

Unless you are hell-bent on finding all the Khajiit caravans to buy their sugar and hunt for ghosts all the time in the very few locations where you can actually find ghosts in Skyrim. You won’t be able to have a good batch of these, but some patience can go a long way. Maybe in your late levels you can use it. Then you won’t really need it as often in the late game. Overall, it’s a good one to have, but just don’t get addicted to it.

For the next one, we have something more accessible but maybe a bit less useful. Rather useful only to certain types of mages. The bottle mages’ brew is made out of glowing mushroom wheat and some glow dust. Hunting for glow dust in the world may be a grind. At least you can buy it sometimes in some places and the potion increases your health destruction effectiveness and shock resistance. Fortified destruction is a wonderful thing to have on its own. It is one of the few ways to increase your spell damage in vanilla Skyrim. With high enough alchemy it can really be a scary. Scary boost, but with shock resistance. The most important resistance for mages, and some health boost on top of it, it can help your battle mage overwhelm anyone, especially other spellcasters.

Potions for Dualists

Our next potion was created by mixing some beehive husks, hulk feathers, and hanging moss. This is every rogue’s dream as it fortifies sneak light armor and one handed. I have more than one build that could use all these buffs at once. The dualist, for example, the assassin two, and quite a few of them.

beehive husks is a main ingredient for this potion

Most beehive husk is found in the rift and fork, but if you have one hard fire property, you can make your own source of it. At hawk feathers are not the most common ingredient, but they are much easier to find than beaks because they can be found not only on those annoying birds that eat all the crops, but also on the even more annoying silver hands vigilance of center and in apothecary satchels all over the world.

Another potion increases your block stamina and magic resistance. Perfect for characters who don’t do magic themselves but need to slay some mages. This additional stamina will let you execute more power attacks and bashes, which are perfect for interrupting spell casting. If you are using a shield and have the elemental protection perk block, this potion will work well with the perk and boost one of your key skills. Outside of Souls time, it’s not easy to get boar tusks. But if you go exploring on the island, you should be able to find a few. So, it’s somewhere in the middle in terms of how easy it is to get.

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