Naruni Island Guide In Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
Naruni Island Lost Ark

In this article, I want to give you Naruni Island Guide In Lost Ark. Also, I’m going to explain you how to get the Naruni Island’s heart. To keep in mind that if you’re playing on the Korean servers with the party machine translated English patch, some of these map names are incorrect in the Western release.

Naruni Island is located in the western sea behind the proteus curtain, meaning you’ll have to have 15 heart of the islands and unlock sailing behind the protein curtain to reach this island.

How to get the Naruni Island Token

To get to the heart of the Naruni Island, you need to catch 101 dragons. Whatever these creatures are, to catch the dragon, you simply need to click it. Follow a dragon for a while to learn its moving pattern, and you’ll know where it will stop long enough for you to catch it. Here are a few good spots if you are too lazy to just run after the dragons.

This island is really annoying because you have to catch a hundred and one of these little narunis to actually gets the island token and if you follow them around and try and learn their patterns and actually catch them, it could take you over an hour or more, but I have a really easy way for you guys to do it. There is a spot where you can just stand on the island and then two little dragons will actually come there and they do respawn over and over. They keep coming to the same spot. They keep coming to the same spot.

Naruni’s Dragons Locations

The first spot is located in the southern part of the island. It’s a good spot to catch the dragons as there are two dragons constantly stopping here which you can easily catch without moving much. The other good spot to catch the dragons is here slightly north of the previous part. This seems to be a little bit faster spot with several dragons stopping very close to each other.

So you could easily sit in this one spot that I have for you and just collect them as they run up to you. Collect 101, I think it took me about 25 or 30 minutes to do that. So just open up a video or something else and watch a it while you’re just sitting here collecting them. That’s one free easy island token and a bunch of other stuff as well. You will get some roster xp and all that kind of stuff here. That’s how you complete your island the easiest way. If you really want to run around and go catch them, be my guest. This is the easiest way I found, really quick and simple. I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you catch your narunis. Once you have caught all of the 101 dragons, head back to the quest giver and you will receive the heart of the island.

Naruni Island’s Mokoko Seeds Location in Lost Ark

There are also five mokoko seads available on this island.

  • The first one is located in the cave to the east on this cliff.
  • The next two semesters are also located up on the cliff.

So, that was Naruni Island Guide In Lost Ark. If you find this God helpful, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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