Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed Location in Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
opportunity isle lost ark mokoko seed

I want to explain to you how to get the Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark.

How to find Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed

Opportunity Isle is located west of Arthetine. It’s an adventure island, meaning that it doesn’t spawn every day. Check your Procyon’s Compass to see if it’s available today. Adventure islands tend to spawn every two hours and you can see the spawning also from prokion’s compass. However, on my server the times the compass shows seem to be off. Sometimes opportunity will spawn when it wants but harmony island didn’t. So try to ask your area chat when it actually spawns.

The island itself is pretty straightforward. Take the yellow quest at the entrance and press F5 to sign the documents. Then proceed inside the actual island. Your objective on this island is to participate in a fishing contest. Make sure your fishing pole is repaired.

Opportunity Isle Quest Guide

You can head to one of the fishing locations and begin fishing once the event truly begins. This will provide you with the fish you need for the quest as well as the event fish that will count toward your ranking in the top three. It’s great that you don’t have to fish all that frequently, especially if you don’t like it.

Sport fishing is quite easy. Otherwise, all you really need to do is drop the line into the water and wait a short while. The fish will appear, you’ll catch it, and it’ll be added to the total amount of fish you have on that leaderboard.

To be honest, it’s quite simple. By starting the fishing animation before to the event, you may, sort of, get around it. In other words, if you start five seconds earlier, it will count when you catch it, putting you one fish ahead. When they genuinely go for the win, most people behave in this way. Personally, I don’t care enough to do that, so to be honest, I’m simply going to fish.

Of course, that won’t happen once the event is complete and all the fish have been removed from the small island. After that, you can still go fishing. Don’t be concerned. You will receive many rewards, including pilot coins. You will receive some silver. There isn’t a lot of that something. Of course, you can also attempt to extract an island heart from the pouch by opening it.

Along with the instant prizes, that is the other method by which you might obtain it. So long as you finish that, you can purchase whatever you like. When you return to the person who gave you the mission, he will give you a new one, which is great since it will reward you with even more engravings. This is beneficial for new players, at least for new characters, because it encourages you to fish a little bit deeper. You can fish at any dog; it doesn’t really matter where you fish because you’ll still receive the reward for the task; all you have to do is return to the man and submit the request for more easy engravings.

After the contest ends, each contestant will be given a bag. The player with the most catches will get three bags, one second and third will get two bags from that pack. You’ll get the opportunity to get a token as a random drop. If you didn’t get it, just come back another time.

Having higher facing skill helps a little to be in the contest because of the faster gathering rate. You could also try to time your fishing so that you pull your first fist at the same time the event starts, giving you a head start so that you can secure more backs, which equals more opportunities to get the token. Also, while you are here, make sure to grab the one mokoko. You can find it over here and that’s pretty much how to get the Opportunity Isle Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark.


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