Orvis Island – Lost Ark Guide

by Dealon Brounx
orvis island lost ark

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps required to acquire the Orvis Island Soul in Lost Ark.

Where is Orvis Island in Lost Ark

The island of Orvis can be found to the southeast of Luterra. In addition to this, Lost Ark Tooki Island and one of the Lost Ark Ghost Ships can be reached directly from here.

The island is accessible at all times. However, the boss, Harvest Lord Incarnate, that spawns on the island is not. This means that it will only appear at specific times. You can find out when it is about to spawn by looking at the alarm clock in the top left corner of your screen or at your Procyon’s Compass. When the boss spawns, there will most likely be a large number of other players fighting alongside you; therefore, you should also keep an eye on the chat.

How to Get Orvis Island Soul in Lost Ark

Since this boss has an item level requirement of 880, it is considered to be tier 2 content. The Orvis Island soul is a loot item that can occasionally be dropped by the boss. It will also drop the standard materials for upgrading tier 2 gear that you would anticipate receiving from a field boss of this tier. This island also features a simple and straightforward yellow quest line. It will award you with High Seas Coin Chests upon completion. After you have finished doing that, the daily quest known as Una’s Task will become available on this island.

The mission that Una has given you for Orvis Island is not particularly difficult; all that is required of you is to destroy ten pumpkins. This task has three different tiers, and in order to reach the highest one, you will need to spend a total of 30 days working on it. You will receive some silver if you complete the first two levels. In addition, the expertise tonic for Fort Level Two. The best reputation rewards for doing that are going to be potions that increase stats or potions that increase vitality. If you drink the potion that increases stats, you will immediately gain 5 points in both strength and dexterity, as well as intelligence. When you drink the potion that increases your vitality, you will immediately get 5 more Vitality.

Lost Ark’s Orvis Island Mokoko Seeds

This island is home to two mokoko seeds, and in order to collect them, you will need to sing a song of resonance. On the most southeastern point of the island is where you will find the entrance to the hidden passage that leads to both seeds. Therefore, the statue will be found in this location. When you play the Song of Resonance in close proximity to the statue, it will move backwards. After that, you will be led to a small room where both mokoko seeds will be waiting for you to discover them.

The first one can be found in very close proximity to the wooden barrels. A second mokoko seed can be found in the area close to the wooden boxes. That brings us to the end. Now, you know how can you retrieve the soul of the Orvis island in Lost Ark.


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