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by Dealon Brounx
panda island lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of obtaining the island token for Panda Islands in Lost Ark here in this article.

How to find Panda Island in Lost Ark

Even though it is only a couple of minutes’ sailing away from the Anikka port, Panda Island can be found in the Sea of Gienah just to the north of Anikka.

How to get Panda Island Token

This wacky little critter will present you with a yellow quest as soon as you step foot on the island. There is going to be a small furry fox creature here. You are going to have to talk to it in order to obtain your objective. The furry fox will have a peculiar appearance. Because this is a mission denoted by a yellow exclamation mark, you will be required to visit three different places in order to retrieve the fluffy fox. In addition to that, a Panda mission can be found in this area.

Therefore, you should head to the highest point of the island and complete the panda missions there first. This is because you can complete both of the panda missions at the same time. I found this to be more convenient. Some players choose to complete the Fox Missions first, and then return to the Panda Missions afterward. This is because completing the Panda Missions allows you to obtain valuable materials that are essential to the process of improving your equipment. Also, it is imperative that you complete the Panda Missions.

The first step of the mission involving the pandas is to ensure that they are well fed. You have to provide them with the food, and then you simply have to shoot some of the bamboo; I believe this process must be repeated four or five times. It won’t be finished until you do what needs to be done, so it won’t be a mystery. You need to have a conversation with the panda, and he will provide you with three additional locations. You also have the ability to change into a panda. Since you are unaware of the fact that the panda is a very slow animal, the best thing for you to do in this situation is to simply be yourself. You continue to do that, and you return.

Panda Island Purple quest Guide

Again, don’t skip out on the panda missions! It is because they do give really good materials you need for upgrading your gear.

After completing the yellow quest, you should head to the highest point of this island. Then, speak with the panda there to receive the purple quest. You shouldn’t have any trouble with that quest at all. It is very simple and can be completed in a short amount of time.

After you have completed your purple quest, Puppa will become available for your rapport, and when your relationship with Puppa has reached a certain level, you will be rewarded with a token for Panda Island.

Lost Ark’s Panda Island Mokoko Locations

In addition, there are five mokoko seeds hidden somewhere on this island.

  • The first one is an initial cave that is concealed from view.
  • A second seed was given to me. You need to locate a secret route on the western side of the island, and it will be hidden behind a panda. This route will take you to the Mokoko seed.
  • As soon as you make it past the partially hidden entrance, the third Mokoko Seed will be uncovered and waiting for you at the very end of the path.
  • The concealed passageway leading to the fourth Mokoko Seed can be found on the western side of the island’s central strip.
  • Immediately prior to the bridge that leads to the second inner ring, you will find a hidden passageway. To reach the hidden pathway, you will need to navigate your way through the bamboo grove. Fifth mokoko seed will be waiting for you at the conclusion of this path. For the Panda Island Mokokos, having the Song of Resonance is absolutely necessary.

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