Realm of Elementals Mokoko Seeds – Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
realm of elementals mokoko seeds lost ark

In this article, I’ll give you information about the locations of the Realm of Elementals mokoko seeds in Lost Ark. The Parna Forest is located on the North Vern continent contains seven mokoko seeds.

First, you have to find a dungeon that can be found while visiting the Rohendel continent. It is located in the Xeneela Ruins. To get there, use the Forgotten Grave portal in the map’s central upper right corner, slightly below its location. You will be able to enter the Realm of Elementals dungeon after completing several quests on the continent, such as Fallen Flamekeeper. Seven mokoko seeds can be found within this dungeon.

To get the first, go to the first crossroad after the entrance area and look for it on the left side. You must defeat the enemies after reaching the crossroads until you receive the message from the guardian. Then you’ll notice that the left side is on fire, and you’ll need to approach it and untuck the rocks that are blocking the passage. This will allow you to enter the side area, where you will find the first mokoko seed beneath the fountain.

Continue on and complete several dungeon objectives until you reach the first blue arrows at the bottom right. Check the bottom left corner in the area of the first blue arrow. Once there, defeat the enemies until you have completed the objective. Then proceed to the bottom left corner, where you’ll find more burning rocks to destroy. Then continue until you reach a tree in the middle of the secret area. Interacting with this tree will cause it to grow and then disappear, revealing the second mokoko seed beneath.

The third is still near the first blue arrow on the map’s right side. This time, however, you must examine the upper side of the side area connected to one of the blue arrows. You will find some burning rocks in this location that, once destroyed, will allow you to jump to the other side immediately. After continuing upstairs, look for the area in front of the dead tree to collect that mokoko seed.

To get the fourth seed, follow the first two blue arrows to the area where the third one is. You must investigate the first dead end passage after the staircase. Then, you must defeat some enemies who emerge from the fire at the end, then search the upper fire for the first mokoko seed.

Realm of Elementals mokoko seeds in Gherdia boss area

You must reach the Gherdia boss for the fifth. It is the rounded area in the map’s upper right corner. You must avoid killing the boss right away and instead bring it down to 50% health. In fact, once this occurs, the boss will immediately summon our reinforcement unit. Following that, you will see a cinematic in which they are all destroyed. Only when this occurs will you be able to defeat the boss. In fact, did you have to check the top left corner of the boss fight area just to see if you could trigger this animation? There are some burning boulders there that you can only destroy after they have triggered some animation. By destroying them, you also reveal a stargate that leads to another location. You will be able to collect this Mokoko seed at the end, inside the lava.

To obtain the sixth mokoko seed, use the corridor to the bottom left of the boss fight area and examine the cavity to the top left. Indeed, after passing through a small waterfall, you will be able to clip through the wall and enter the side area. Moving forward, you will notice a jumping path that you can use. You can find a small group of enemies here, then check the center of the rounded plant at the end of the passage for the sixth mokoko seed.

For the seventh seed, continue until you reach the top left passage before the blue arrows. Check the top left-hand side of the screen. You’ll find some rocks to destroy near an overhang there. This will reveal a jumping pathway that will allow you to proceed to the next area at the end if you need to check the bottom right side of it for the last mokoko seed. That is how to find all of the Realm of Elementals mokoko seeds in Lost Ark.

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