Red Door locations in Warzone

by Dealon Brounx
Red Door locations in Warzone

Red Door locations in Warzone. In this article, I want to explain to you how the red doors work inside of Warzone. What they are and all of the known locations. I did say known locations. I would not be surprised if they’re going to be spawning more frequently and just throughout the map a lot more.

The first thing that I want to talk about when it comes to the doors is that.

Like I said before, these are just the known locations, so my guess is that there are some unknown door locations that are going to be coming throughout the season. These doors do not spawn every single time in every single game. They are available though in Pledge and in Regular Verdance. They do not have a 100 spawn rate, so there’s a chance that you load in and the door is not going to be there.

So, basically, you can only use it once per game, and it will navigate and pretty much fast travel you to a spot across the map, which is fantastic in almost all scenarios, except that if you find the door closer to the end of the first zone, you run the risk of being pushed out into the gas.

When you go through these doors, you are rewarded not only with the cool animation, but also with a ton of loot: you get two gold chests, typically one with an advanced uav or a harp, and the other with a satchel, two gold guns, and a ton of money. You can use this as a solo strategy soon.

There are a few locations where these doors can be found.

The one that I ended up finding or didn’t find but was able to use was over by the summit. It’s kind of in that old western style part of the map. It’s right next to the tunnel. There’s a giant red door. You can open it, you enter it, and it transports you through space and time and whatever else all the way to the other side of the map where you guys are rewarded for the loot.

The second spot in the spot that most people have found is going to be the one at the stadium.

This one is pretty cool and pretty unique because it is visible from the outside. So basically, if you wanted to try this strategy in solos, you can go ahead and go in for the landing and then if you see the red door there, you can land on it and go, you know, get transported and get all the loot or you guys can peel off and go to neighborhood blue downtown. All that kind of stuff.

Number three is going to be all the way up at Salt Mine. I have not had any success with it spawning in my games, but I have seen people use it and basically it’s going to be in the furthest building closest to the hill at the back side of Salt Mine and it’s going to be in a corner. I’ll go ahead and throw a red door or an x up on the screen right here. This is where the third location is and this is in Salt Mine, which I think is really cool because this is a spot that I frequent and again not a lot of great players are going for these doors, so with that being said, you are able to pick up a lot of easy eliminations.

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