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by Dealon Brounx
revelry row lost ark

I’m going to walk you through the process of acquiring the Revelry Row island soul in Lost Ark here in this article.

Southwest of North Vern is where you’ll find the island soul known as Revelry Row. It’s connected to both the Aiwana and Gravis islands. The revelry row island soul is a reward for completing the purple quest known as Unbreakable Beat. In order to initiate this quest, you must first complete the daily una’s task quest known as cocktail in hand six times.

How to Get Revelry Row Island Soul in Lost Ark

Once you have the Unbreakable Beat quest, follow it until you get to the part that requires you to collect rare and legendary music seeds. In this part of the quest, you need to harvest a guardian soul in any of the guardian raids. In this quest, you pick up cocktails and serve them to customers. Once you have the Unbreakable Beat quest, follow it until you get to the part that requires you to collect rare and legendary music seeds. You can finish sailing gate by completing a coupe sailing worst to obtain a key. Then, you can this key use to enter the gate and finish the floor 25 in shadespire tower. The guardian and the sage spy on floor 25 are rather easy, but the sailing part might be difficult, so I’ll walk you through it.

After completing the event, check to see if you have a key to any of the gates by opening your inventory. Then, selecting storage sailing material, and scrolling down. If you do have a key, you can use it to enter the gate; these gates are only available three times a week on mondays, wednesdays, and saturdays; again, check your alarm clock to determine when these events are taking place. These events are available three times a day. first, check the alarm clock in

After that, you must have a conversation with the Legendary DJ, who can be found on Harmony Island. Because of this, you will need to wait until Harmony Island is included in the rotation of Adventure Islands. Before you go, check that you have the dance emote sway, as having it is necessary. You can obtain it by completing the yellow quest on Peter. Once you have done all of that, you can go back to Revelry Row. Then watch the cutscene and receive their revelry row island soul as a reward.

Lost Ark’s Revelry Row Island Mokoko Seeds

This island also features a total of two mokoko seads in its various locations. The very first mokoko seed can be found right next to the door that leads onto the island itself. As soon as the player has spawned, they should make their way to the palm tree. It is located straight on the right. For the first mokoko seed, make your way to the DJ stage in the extremely north-eastern part of the Island. There ought to be a non-player character named Budding Entrepreneur Zenri, and you should be able to find the seed close to him. The method to obtain the revelry row island soul in lost ark has been described above in its entirety. If you found this guide to be helpful, please let us know in the comments section down below.

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