Review: The Drowning

by Dealon Brounx
The Drowning

The Drowning is the first game to come out of Scattered Entertainment. It is designed to be as challenging as possible and is optimized for use on mobile devices, such as IOS. And in the midst of all of the scary gunplay, there is a very creative experience to be experienced here, one that aims to alter the way that we fire things on our mobile devices.

After downloading the game, players will be able to start the action right away without having to wait through an introduction tale or the cinematics that slow down the majority of other major console shooters.


The title screen of the game features a phrase concerning the end of the world that is presented in a gloomy and sinister tone of voice. However, as soon as it is delivered, you are immediately thrashing around in a speed boat while driving like a complete lunatic. You are unconscious when the ship is attacked by humanoid beings, and you come to on what seems to be an empty stretch of coastline. Naturally, it turns out that it has not been totally deserted, and very shortly into the adventure, you begin to engage in combat with skeletal beasties.

Gameplay Features

Even if they can only play for a few minutes at a time during their micro-gaming sessions, players will still be able to make consistent progress in the game. This is the basic concept of the micro-gaming system, which was developed by Epic Games. As contrast to a more drawn-out or open world game, The Drowning contains shorter missions that are set apart from one another. In addition, there is a significant focus on personalizing and enhancing your weaponry as you progress through the game. Earning the best equipment and manufacturing the most powerful weapons, on the other hand, requires a considerably higher level of ability.

There are two primary game modes: Defend, which is the mode that you are now playing, and Attack, which places you in a freestyle mode in which you sprint throughout the different zones. Also, you have access to a vast arsenal of weapons, allowing you to investigate a variety of game zones.

The Drowning’s basic controls

The Drowning is a large first-person shooter that’s completely free to play and uses an unique control scheme for first-person shooters. Scattered Games’ development team has been painstakingly working on a touchscreen control system that makes use of a variety of actions that are already commonplace in mobile gaming, such as pinching, swiping, and tapping the screen.

To fire a shot need to tap two fingers together in the space between enemies

There is a button labeled “180 degrees” located in the center of the bottom of the screen for those times when you want to flee or turn around. Tap the right side of the screen to switch weapons. To fire a shot, you simply need to tap two fingers together in the space between enemies. You can continue to use your finger to navigate the screen in any way you like. You also have the option to tap, and when you do so, the white spot that you see will become your new location. It is much simpler, and once you become accustomed to it, you will be able to do a significant amount of damage to adversaries.


Weapons are one of the main aspects in this game. Within The Drowning, you will have the opportunity to acquire a magnum as well as a wide variety of other goods. I’ve been given a shotgun. There is a wide selection of shotguns to choose from. You should also try to get frenzy because this will lead your score to reach its maximum, and the more stars you have, the more treasures you will uncover. You will be able to create a wide variety of weapons using the materials you have at your disposal. There ought to be between five and seven pages devoted to armaments at the very least. They consist of a wide array of devices, ranging from handguns to crossbows.

Main Issues

The simplicity of The Drowning is the aspect that has left me feeling the most let down. First-person shooters of today are significantly more involved than any attempt that The Drowning makes to be. We have become accustomed to anticipating gameplay elements such as cover mechanics, weaponry with special effects, stealth, close-quarters combat, and so on. In addition to this, there are not enough different types of enemies or locales to significantly alter the way you play.


The Drowning appears to be a textbook example of how first-person shooter games may actually advance and attain excellence on mobile devices. This is one of the numerous ways in which it fulfills this role. If the images of the game weren’t enough of an indicator of how terrifying this game is, then I would advise you to play it in complete darkness.

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